Thursday, 6 December 2018

December 2018 SAL Smalls

More Ornaments of course! What else would fill my winter months? 🎄We are only a week in and I've been able to bang out all these small guys. Granted its been quieter in my office with the rotating strike in play.

For my poultry partner in crime I stitched up some little chickens. The pattern was listed as a freebie off of a french site called Balades et Broderies par Carmela. I made 6 of them and personalized each for the members of her family.

As a "Sneaky Bookmark" I stitched up the S'more from Brooke's Books "Patriotic Picnic" series; added some punny words & hid it inside my library book. It was sent back to where ever it was transferred in from in the book "Time's Convert" by Deborah Harkness. It'd been a bit since I read the trilogy that comes before (the third segment came out July of 2014) so I was a bit lost trying to remember characters in this one. I would recommend reading or rereading all four back to back if you're interested in this title.

Then there is this cute little minion ready for some festivities. I have done it up as an ornament for a friend whose nickname is indeed Minion. I don't know the back story on how he wound up with it but I rarely hear anyone, beyond his mama when she calls me to chat, referring to him by his first name.

For my farmers, someone will be receiving this parcel car; pattern for this is found in the 2018 Ornament edition of Just CrossStitch Magazine. Designer is Cheryl McKinnon. As well as this tree cupcake (Maria Diaz).

November 2018 SAL smalls

Greetings, greetings! This last part of the year is just speeding past! How is it almost December already? I've already had people posting Christmas Countdowns on their FB pages. *ugh* I won't be decorating until its already into December. Hubby has already put up the lights on the outside of the house. He made use of one of the beautiful days we've had, so now our place looks like a gingerbread home again.

Here are the ornaments I've been working on this month. In the November 2018 issue of CrossStitcher, Maria Diaz had this festive cupcake Christmas pattern. I've opted to individualize each cupcake instead of just doing one big spread as this way I can gift more items to my farmers.

Gingerbread cupcake ornament

Santa hat cup cake ornament
Snowman cupcake ornament

 I also did up 2 of the patterns found in the 2018 Ornaments edition of Just Cross Stitch. Both of these are from Lucie Heaton. "Dashing through the Woods" and "Dashing through the Snow". I didn't have the sparkly red thread so swapped it out for the gold one I did and managed to use up a bit more of the scrap cloth I have been collecting.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Adventure Catch-Ups Summary 4: September

The September 2018:

Its my birthday time!! Quiet whoop, as it went fairly undetected again this year (as in we're into the 2nd week of November now and my daughter sent me a text yesterday asking what we'd done for my birthday.) What I'd done was go out for a very quiet snacking at BP's with a friend, her husband (who came along as our DD & her daughter who'd showed up after shift wanting a ride home).  Everyone else I'd invited out bailed. Disheartening but not uncommon as I have some very fair weather/selfish friends. Nice people, but I've learned not to set my expectations higher than they can reach.
Sangrias- Sam & I went with the white (w/2 extra rum shots for mine) & Tanya's reliable red selection. 

My daughter, I reminded her, had gifted me this fantastic Tortoro shirt & a bourbon maple scented candle. I made myself some wheat free chocolate cake & topped it off with cherry pie filling and whipped cream. (A Black Forest type I can have). And this was my mug I'd ordered. I wore my cake dress to work & still no one caught on. *shrug* Next year I'll have to make a bigger deal of it as it'll be my 40th....and it falls on Friday the 13th. Muwahahahhaa

Moms night out: Rock painting At the Parentlink. These will be distributed around town, out of town/province for people to discover. Make their day a little brighter. They've all been lacquered and Upon the bottom of them reads the instructions of:
"Congratulations, you found me. 
Keep me or hide me again
But before you do,
Take a picture and share it in the 
Athabasca Rocks Facebook group"
There are many rocks the little kids group at Parentlink also painted so indiscoveries there is a variety of skills and creativity. 

A little polar bear to be turned into an ornament for one lucky customer and a Pumpkin creature bookmark. Both are patterns from Durene Jones, available on her FB site under freebies. (Bear is from 2016 and pumpkin from 2018).

Hubs gifted me with a floral arrangement for our wedding anniversary. Marriage Quest - Level 14 achieved. 😘🤓

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Adventure Catch-Ups Summary 5: October

Rejoined dance: I couldn't stay away. I missed my class ladies and knew that with the weather changing, I wouldn't be able to continue the long walks I'd been taking during the summer. 2 hr+ treks in the warm evenings wearing shorts and a tank top is much different than fumbling through snow covered roadways bundled up so as not to freeze in -20 or lower temps. I took up my 3 regular classes ( Tap, ballet & jazz) & at the pressured encouragement of one classmate, I also enrolled in the hip hop class. It's new this year and while I don't really think of hip hop as a dance discipline I'd like to watch, I went for one class to see what it was about. We try to encourage the kids to try things before the decide, so I bit the bullet and despite saying it wasn't for me, gave it a try. It's much more aerobic than the other classes. I still wasn't sure so I went for a 2nd class. Instructor wanted to get started on the choreo so needed to know if she was (or where) to place me & I caved. *Lol*

Mom night: Parentlink put on another Mom's Nite Out event. This time it was painting pallet pumpkins. Mel's turned out really fancy with her dirty wax smudging technique. It was a really great night, we had perma-grins from laughing so much. 
Halloween: I didn't have anyone take my photo on Halloween so this is the only proof of my full costume. Have to keep the apothecary tidy even if you're mad scientist ☺️ 
Goofy chicken to go as a Christmas gift; some Halloween fun with a turned on robot & a Pumpkin creature silhouette both from Durene Jones' site.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Adventure Catch-Ups Summary 3: August

August 2018: 

Welcome to August! Seems like the summer is just flying by. Its just about wedding season. Hubs has been asked to be a "better-man" for his work buddy's wedding. He's not a Best man; but is one of the grooms men. I don't really know this couple,I mean, I've met them a couple times and they seem very nice; but when it comes to sitting in the audience with strangers while my husband does his better-man makes me a bit leery.
2nd from the right is my hubby
 I stitched Dan & Cindy an "Adam and Eve" I had ordered from Lena Lawson. Knowing how fuzzy Dan is I added some extra chest hair curls. I left off Eve's nipples though. They have small children so the boobies part was cheeky enough.

Babies were also being born this month. A friend from high school...he's a few year older than I am but his daughter & my boys are the same age & also went to high school together..well he became a Papa. I had a pattern stitched up last year but it had been sitting in my finished chest. So I added an embellishment that reads "Wizard placement of: " with his grandson's name and framed it up as a gift for them. She grew up reading & watching Harry Potter so it seemed appropriate.  Especially if this little fella winds up even 1/2 as mischievous as his grandfather was when we were younger. 😝

In July we hold the big family get together of the paternal side. This year we celebrated my Nanny Georgette's 80th birthday as well as the 60th of some of the uncles. Lots of people flew in from Quebec to surprise her and many more made it down for the first time from Bonnyville. It was also the 10th Year of the Shire Gathering. (The Shire is what my folks acreage is called).

August however is for a smaller, less rumbustious group of my mother's side. This year was only the 2nd anniversary of the Cameron Clan Collective.
Capt'n Cameron's of Cape Breton
 Other excellent things:

This isn't quite on par. While I've lost this much while using the LoseIt app - I have in fact been able to lose 37. The corgi picture is super cute though.

Adventure Catch-Ups Summary 2: July BOW Camp

July 2018:

July was amazing. I think it was actually the best part of the whole summer! I attended the B.O.W camp (Becoming an Outdoor Woman). Its a 5 day conservation camp for women out here in the wilderness to encourage and strengthen our knowledge of being outdoors, environmentally savvy,  and learn the basic skills one might need if ever in an unplanned situation in the woods. Things like GPS smarts. How to start a fire using flint and small tinders. How to upright a canoe if you find yourself capsized. How to PADDLE said canoe. Some of the other skills were a little lack luster for some of the ladies in attendance as they are already proficient in skills. I learned how to hold a rifle properly & to load/sight & fire a hand gun. I've had my PAL for years now as well as my Alberta Hunters Education, but other than some paintball & the borrowed rifle I got to use while out hunting (my 1st time) with my brother in law last November - I've never actually had to shoot a gun. Won't lie. I don't have a gun in my house, despite the fact that I do indeed have a gun safe. They make me nervous. Mainly because I don't have a whole lot of knowledge about them so don't feel comfortable having them in my home. This course however took away some of that fear. I still don't have a gun in my house -and until I actually do some more hunting I won't be getting one for myself but I at least don't have that gross pit of the stomach nauseousness when thinking about having to handle one.

 This is the little cabin in which I lived for the week with another fantastic outdoors lady named Lisa.
We learned how to use cast iron pots to create a bevvy of different dishes. I couldn't enjoy most of them given my allergies but they did look and smell really good! Everything from stews to chilli; chicken and rice, something with sausage; cornbread; all topped off with a black forest and a pineapple upside down cake for dessert.

I enjoyed the archery range a whole lot more. Part of that was the fact I was able to at least hit the target with an arrow (bullet shots weren't so pride resounding. haha) While there were bows available for us to use; I brought my own along with me so that I could get some practice in with it. Kind of pointless to have one if it only stays in its case all the time.

 This below photo is the excitement of hitting some of those darn pink balloons put about on different distances. There were even some up in the trees to go along with the targets also put up there.
Some of the ladies didn't hold their bows correctly and wound up with bruises on their inner forearms. Where as I got the biggest bruise (of anyone there this camp) from our capsize and turtleing to get back into the canoe. The point of the exercise was to paddle out into the deeper water of the lake. We were 3 to a canoe. Then we rocked the boat and dump ourselves into the freezing water. With the skills we were then taught; we had to get all 3 ladies back into a correctly floating canoe. I turtled hard! This is basically flipping over the lip of the side onto the bottom of the boat before righting oneself properly and then helping to bail out some more water before getting the 3rd lady into the canoe. That edge is brutal! Or perhaps its just that I bruise incredibly easily.

Us gathered for instruction (Above)
While as another group we learn how to navigate whilst one of our ladies is blindfolded. This was part of the last day's Olympics. I have no pants because my ladies struggled to get us close enough to shore and I had to wade through the lake in my jeans....which then got too heavy for me to run up the hill to do the GPS challenge. FYI! Running pantless through raspberry bushes in your socks wasn't a well planned out idea. Without zooming in you can see said bruise.
DAY 1 of the bruise. It got MUCH darker.
For funsies we made leather belts and carved walking sticks.
During our GPS class we were given coordinates and then told to go find them. Each location would give us another position. It was very much like a scavenger hunt. It was interesting to learn. The kids and I don't geocache though I know there are a few different ones around our area as other community members with smaller children like to go exploring for them. Our end result for this hunt was a success as my group found the wine! Whoop.....which we never did drink hahaha.

 We had a fella on day 3 show up to teach us about chain saw safety. It was almost 3 hrs long and dreadfully boring. Had we been able to be shown some of the stuff he was explaining to us during the course and not just at the very end, I think I would have been able to retain a whole lot more of what he was sharing with us. He was personable and all....but the material was very cut and dry (no pun intended).

This is us in the Olympics doing the fire start/water boil challenge

One other good thing I did learn while handling the guns....despite the fact that I am a right handed person, I shoot left. Donna, our instructor, said that there are a few ladies who this works for - though in our group of 20 ladies only 2 of us were shooting lefties.
Skeet shooting

Aventure Catch-up Summary 1: May & June

I keep meaning to post, but it requires signing onto my computer to do so & I just haven't been doing that. My blogger App keeps crashing or I would make better use of it. So here I am lagging behind again in life related posts, SAL updates and other stitching announcements.

May 2018

We started off the month with our dance society competing in the Evergreen Dance Festival. Its a competition specifically for smaller towns & those societies who do not have "Competition" groups. We are just a generalized "small town fun" sort of society. My daughter had 2 of her dances (Tap & Broadway) and my adult class performed our Tap & Jazz numbers.

Mother's Day weekend we showcased our final performances. This year's theme was "Icons". For Broadway they (they being my daughters group) did a medley of 50's tunes. She played The Fonz character for this one. In tap they did a WW2 number. She played "Rachel" in their grad group dance to the theme song to FRIENDS & then she and I did a mother/daughter tap duet where she was Cookie Monster & I was the Swedish Chef. Our adult jazz did a Beatles medley; tap was all about Las Vegas Elvis style and ballet slide more into a lyrical style to the sadness of Adele.

My Baby Brother got married the weekend following. Ceremony was held out at my folk's acreage w/ Uncle Emile presiding.

Then the very next weekend was Graduation! Hard to imagine that my baby girl is all grown up.😢
Same goes for her best friends. I still remember when they were all small. Now they're all stunning young ladies. She was excepted into Dental School and will be attending in the fall semester.


I stitched the Central Perk logo for Ave given that is what their grad dance number was. She has it hanging in her new place.

A couple of my customers had babies this month as well (May was busy all the way through). I did up 2 Soda Stitch pieces for them. One for a little girl (Abbigail) which I turned into a clock. I don't know the parents too well outside of delivering their mail so I didn't personalize this. It was harder than I anticipated getting it into this clock frame. If I ever do a repeat clock finish I'll have to go at it at another angle I think.

The other was for a little boy (Gunnar) which just went as a framed piece adorned with some ribbon in place of a mat. I snuck his name & birth date onto his little shirt. His mother was very happy about how it turned out.

June 2018:

I don't recall anything pertinent happening in June. I attended my neighbour's Pampered Chef party & thought it was quite humorous her excitement of the product named the "Quickcicle". I stitched this Soda Stitch mini for her changing up some of the colours to match her specific.
Melanie herself is quite crafty & made me some vinyl wording to go on the outside of the Little Library I had installed outside of my office. I've always wanted a little free library. My MIL has out out at her cabin that my husband built for her. He wasn't really interested in making one for me so I had one built upon request from another equally crafty community member (Ken's WoodenWorks). Its been used a fair bit thus far so I think it was a good addition to our little community.

Its empty here as this was taken right after installation

A friend of mine had me come out and help her bathe her horses. She has 3, but at the time of the bathing one was away at the stud's getting her love on. She really only needed extra hands with the newest fillie as she was still young (3 years) and didn't have a whole lot of hands-on experience. Just happened I was already in the midst of stitching Steph a piece regarding her horses. I changed out the colour of this horse in the pattern though as her other 2 horses are greys. It reads "Live like someone left the gate open". Given one of her girls (the one being bred) likes to go exploring, she found this fitting.

December 2018 SAL Smalls

More Ornaments of course! What else would fill my winter months? 🎄We are only a week in and I've been able to bang out all these small ...