Friday, 2 June 2017

Plenty of rain

I'm All week it was incredibly hot. Less like spring and more like midsummer. We were issued tornado warnings, even though we've never had any in this area. Plenty of time to stitch this snark shark by Rebecca O'Neal (no shark-nado pun intended. It was just amusing after hearing a shared story one day).
I purchased the pattern from Etsy shop The Compass Needle.

Wednesday we did get some wicked wind and quite the light show; but not much as far as rain went.
 Thursday was over cast but warm. Its 1/2 day at work so I went into the city to get my new windshield put on my vehicle. I also stopped by Home Depot and picked up a few bags of soil & some flowers. Most of those went into my bed I have over at the office. My husband built it for me last fall to go over the spot where its mainly rocks. It was his way of "helping" me to not damage the blades of our lawnmower. My daughter helped put them.There's some wild flower seeds in there already but not much was growing so we've added some strawberries & flowers which will boost colour.

Barry across the way took a photo of my ornamental crab tree. Its always amazing under there with all the bees buzzing above my bench. The low hanging branches trap in the fragrances of the lilac flowers as well. On good days I spend my afternoons sitting outside on my bench. This is the view I get from my spot when I look up.

Today was not one of those days. Today there was rain. All day. It was gloomy and customers were short as they were feeling damp (plus most were farmers upset they couldn't get all their seeding in before the rains came). Between the rain and the winds, quite a few of the blossoms fell off the tree creating this winter wonderland effect.

I started a weather chart from the March 2017 Cross Stitcher magazine. I started doing some of the weekday blank boxes but then ran out white & decided to stitch up one of the weather options. Grumpy Storm cloud.

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