Friday, 26 May 2017

Heeeerrrree Chick-Chick...MAY Smalls SAL & other goodness

Mom's rooster "Big Thunder" is a very randy boy. Treats his girls good & is very protective, but he's got a couple favorite ladies. He's an ugly thing, like a discarded patchwork quilt you find in the bottom of an old attic steam trunk, with the personality one would pair up with a gym nut taking steroids. She was hoping all this hen hopping he'd at least be properly fertilizing so she gave me 10 eggs. I put 5 into my little incubator & gave 5 to a friend up the hill, who put them under her broody hen.  2 of mine & 3 of hers had to be tossed out as they were not fertile when we did the 1st candling. At 2nd candling, the hen had abandoned the nest (eggs were no longer growing) and the 3 remaining at my place had also stopped progressing.

Clearly Mr. Big Thunder was all for show.

I bought some more 16 eggs from another locale lady & crafted my own DYI incubator with a styrofoam cooler but it wasn't holding the humidity high enough so I bought a real one, with auto turn & digital temp and humidity gauges. 6 of those went under my broody hen & the rest went into the 'bator. So far only one is trying to hatch. They were all due to be born this weekend. Nothing.

We hit up the St. Paul Critter Market Saturday. I had won two contests and was expecting 6 chicks (3 from each win) However I was only given 3. Disappointing but I bought a few others from another vendor. So now there are 9 peeping chicks in my craft area. It's one of the warmest places in the house, which the babies need.

Picked up this Father's Day gift as well. It's a bee house, for solitary bees.

A mutual friend got me in touch with another local lady w/ eggs. She provided me with 4 dozen mixed breed eggs from her farm.

One: SAL's: I joined up with Durene Jones freebie Tea & Cakes sal being provided through Lakeside Needle Crafts FB page.
Two: For my May Smalls SAL contribution I finished this clown fish puzzle on a baby onesie. The back stitching didn't turn out very well. It got all wonky and wiggly. I'd still do this one again...but on aida next time round.

Three: I also did up these 2 little cards: These Lucie Heaton Christmas Fairies were the "free gift" that was added to the Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine: November 2015.

Four: I completed and gifted the memory piece for my SIL's parents.

Five: I finished the baby sampler gift I'd done up for some neighbour customers of  mine. Its from the 2017 May issue of CrossStitcher Magazine. Baby Bunting by Faye Walsh of Little Dove Designs.
I didn't have quite a big enough piece of boarding for the back so it looks like its a little gaped. I didn't much care for the colours either upon completion. The stitched model looked much more cheery. But its complete, and given they were thankful I thought of them so Good Job. :) 

Completed our year end dance performance. It was a lot of stress and fun.
Aunty vs little niece ballet slippers
Mom & daughter (tap vs Broadway feet)

Our jazz number was super fun. Made a few audience members feel on the spot with the improve in the aisle dancing but it was good. We jived to the Beegee's "You should be dancing". I got to rock so super big hair. Haha

Dance took up Mother's Day so nothing really special for that other than my daughter made me a wonderful card. I did swing by The Lobster Mobsters seafood truck and get me a few bodies though. Which were tender and gone too quickly.

And while at our local 2nd hand store (Lolly Pops) looking for gnomes for my sister, I came across this little fella and rescued it. I'd thought it was a heat pad, you know for pots - but its actually got a space for a dowel along the top. Either way it was cute & I couldn't just leave someone's handy work. There's not signature or date on it so I don't even get to know who the crafter was. 


  1. You have had such an interesting and creative month. I have enjoyed my visit today.

  2. Congratulations on all of your lovely finishes.

  3. Thank you :)
    It definitely was a very full month. Its all gone by in a bit of a blur.

  4. This is the most fun and varied post! I love hearing about your whole month! Your stitching is great too!

  5. Good luck with your chicks! All your stitching is wonderful.

  6. I had no idea breeding chickens was so tough! I think your patchwork rooster is quite handsome, though, and he sounds entertaining if not terribly fertile. :)

    Love your stitching - the fairies are adorable, and the birth sampler and memory piece both turned out so nicely!


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