Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Welcome February!

Whoop! Off to a great start. I finished both the WIPs I was hoping to! The Country Companion I put into a matching frame I'd had been given years ago by an acquaintance. There is some issues with the corner paint chipping, but I can always repainted it later - I just wanted him framed.

Look at him and his little garden wagon. A www. I finished his lady friend a few years back (Monday Meddler) so now my pair is currently complete. 

The other WIPs piece I was doing had a few miss counted X's. So I took off the side bows & just evened out the top stitches. It will fit better in a standard bought frame squared off this way then with the extra swirlly rope bits the pattern boasts.

And I made this little cockatiel magnet for my fridge.

So I've pulled out 2 more WIPs to push stitches into to round out this weeks success. The first: Hot Stuff w/ the House Mouse. I don't have too much accomplished in it, mainly because it came as a kit. A kit where the colour code didn't really match up with the pattern symbols. I had to enter all the symbols into my PC Stitch program so that the symbols were clearer. That was the biggest issue; that many of the chosen symbols turned out tiny and smooshed making them look like different also used in the key.

The second: SHD's Germany which is almost close to finishing.

New Starts:
Dance was canceled tonight due to teacher illness, so I spent the evening binging on my pvr'd episodes of Moose meat & Marmalade and started up this little bundle of cat fun; a pdf from the designer shop AnnaXStitch from Etsy. Ribboned kittens in a banner stating "I want to pet every cat in the world".

Feathered Friends:

Will spring be coming soon? My girls have started laying again. Golden breakfast payments. Whoop.  4 are still withholding the goods. ;)


  1. Your framed pieces are so precious and I like your House Rules finish. Your new starts look nice as well.

  2. Thank you Mary. I'm excited about it too. It always amused me when it would pop up in my "Items we think you would like" suggestions from Etsy.


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