Sunday, 17 December 2017

Christmas is approaching!

8 days left until Christmas. It's going to be a relatively quiet one this year. Hubby is away up north working, we only have 2 of the 4 kids home and while we have a family meal scheduled Christmas Night in the city with the extended family: many of the regulars have RSVP'd a "sorry can't make it" to my Aunt.

Monday's have been fantastically busy at work with all the parcels coming in. I love it! There was a real dip in the number of letters to Santa this year (which was disappointing). I think a lot of that had to do with Canada Post changing up the delivery of replies. School classes (and daycare groups) no longer get individual letters to their students - they get a Class sized letter with all the names of the children written on it. This was set up so that there wasn't duplicate replies to children who may have also written from home.Great for the big cities...not so much fun for our smaller towns. After looking at various other Santa Claus/Father Christmas/St. Nicholas/Pere Noel/Grand Father Frost/Babbo Natale: letter programs though, we still have the best out of them all. Most other places not only require you to put a stamp on the outgoing envelope (Santa doesn't need one in Canada), some require you to also include a self addressed, stamped return envelope. And others! actually require you to write a Santa Reply for your own child on top of stamping 2 envelopes. It was neat to see how many different addresses are out there for each continent as well as the different names each country uses.

Did up a little ornament for Mr B; he had gifted me some peanut brittle (which I passed along to hubby as Ive got nut allergies. Thought that counts though right? Haha)

And Melanie's little Boofle ornament. To go along with the rest of her gift.

Merry Christmas all! 

Saturday, 2 December 2017

November SAL - Ornamental Preps

This Santa's elf has been busy working on some ornaments for her customers. There's also been a few baby's making their debuts in the community so I've also started little things for them as well. On top of these, 40 letters to the North Pole have passed through my office.

For my Stitching Lotus Smalls SAL of 2017 Submission I've done a few ornaments:

From the Cross Stitch Card Shop (Nov/Dec '13 issue #93) I've done up a few of Lesley Teare's mittens. I folded them in half, which made them 2 sided but also a bit tinier than I had thought.
Right now I'm just collecting them and decorating my tree at work.
Boofle with Poinsettia was a kit from a magazine a few years back.

Reindeer Mitten

Snug Hugs Mitten

Warm Wishes Mitten

This Party Penguin by Durene Jones from the same book.

And a neat little chicken ornament.

This is the completed naughty elf from last year. He's going to go to my sister.

Our neighbour is having her 1st baby. She's actually in the hospital getting induced right now. We're keeping an eye on her dog for them. I haven't decided if I'll put the babes name on it or just frame it as is so it stays relevant while baby grows.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

October SAL - Collective posting

Happy Halloween!!!

Did you all get lots of children? We only had 22. Not really a surprise, we don't really get many as we live on the side of the road without a sidewalk or street light (even though my husband made sure there was plenty of glowing things in our yard to light the way). Weather was ugly w/ the blowing snow and chill. We did wind up with an assortment of costumes...and 7 snowsuits *hehe.*

Stitching Lotus 2017 SAL

This is Maria Diaz "Patchwork Pumpkin"
I can't recall the designer of this little elf, but I added the words & extra "wiggle" lines to make it a bit saucier. This will be an ornament for my sister. I didn't count the space evenly so had to extend the name to Myles (instead of just 'my')

I stitched 2 of these. One with regular white and then got the brilliant idea to make the stone even more magical by stitching the white part with glow in the dark white instead. It looks cooler in the dark, but I prefer the plain white as it looks cleaner.
Cape Breton Tartan Map.

Holiday Gnomes

Tardis and Roses

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Halloween is coming.....

Jeepers! Only a squish more than a week til Halloween and we've not yet decided on what we want to dress up as. Even sorting through the tickle trunk of costumes hasn't inspired creativity.

Early this month my cousin got married, in what could only be called "unique" wedding ceremony. It was blustery and felt like it was mid winter outside. Which was exactly where the ceremony was held. Outdoors. I knew with all our clothes on how fiercely the wind chilled our bones as on lookers. I can only imagine how freezing the wedding party was with their little dresses and bare skin.

Being the geeky couple they are they made sure to add some quirkiness to their colour joining display. Instead of just using 2 colour sands to create a keepsake of their double family mixture ~ they opted to use coloured vials of vinegar and baking soda. Creating a chemical reaction.

 She has this fantastic barette in her hair of a Tardis, so my wedding sampler for the two of them was  a great match.

It took a good portion of September to get it finished before the wedding as I had miss read a page & had to frog out, and redo all the roses on the left side. Tedious.

October Stitching:
Working on some Holiday Gnomes. There are 5 in the set. I've got 3 completed, one 1/2 was finished and another one mistakenly started (I mixed up the hat colours reading the chart, but I've left it & will probably just play around with some colours to make it a little different than it was meant to be)
They will wind up being ornaments for some of my customers.
Each little fella took about 8 hrs to complete. I say that as the middle guy took me the entire drive down to Regina for the wedding to stitch up & the far left fella I did on the way home again.

My mom's cousin went back home (East) to visit his parents & when he came back to Alberta, brought a bunch of us back Cape Breton ECL hoodies. He waved my repaying him for it so I stitched him up a little "Thank you".
Its not the first time I've stitched this tartan CB map. It's on a rustic memories fabric as I put in a little red heart over Sydney to make it a little more personalized.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

End of Summer: August Smalls SAL plus

Well we didn't do as many of the rides as we wanted to after all. I wasn't feeling very well (super lethargic w/o any good real reason as to why) and the weather wasn't cooperative. We did manage to get out to do the Elk Island National park loop though. Seen a few bison in the park, which was nice to see them just wandering around - the ones that are local to my area are all behind farm fencing. Helmut has a couple nice herds with his Tawaitnaw Valley Bison.

What this also means is I didn't get a whole lot of small (or big) stitching finished. I signed up for a few SAL's and even those I didn't start. I'm hoping this fall, as it is cooler out I will be a bit more lively. I did complete my little riding couple (pictured above). A bookmark for a postcrosser who requested me "draw a turtle" on the post card I mailed her. Instead I did up this little fella.

A purple (550) quilt styled cat while hubby did our driving to a family reunion.

I've gotten more of the Tardis wedding sampler done.....almost there, which is good as the wedding is fast approaching.

The Peacock needs more golden vines and back stitching.

I Altered an already stitched piece to work as Lionel's grandson's baby announcement.....and am quite pleased with how it turned out.

A small "Keep on Smiling" moon.

Weather Calendar layout: which once all the small pieces are done & its technic complete, will go to my cousin for her class room. I'd hoped to be done before the school year started but obviously didn't make it.

These are 2 more of the Weather Calendar weathers:

"June": I stitched this one up for my sister in laws camper. She walked into mine, seen that I had couple on the walls, made the jab of "cross stitch...of course I shouldn't be surprised". Which I took to mean nothing more than a jealous sob of how her camper was lacking threaded love. *ha ha*

So I suppose looking back over it all, I did manage to get a fair amount done. 

Friday, 2 June 2017

Plenty of rain

I'm All week it was incredibly hot. Less like spring and more like midsummer. We were issued tornado warnings, even though we've never had any in this area. Plenty of time to stitch this snark shark by Rebecca O'Neal (no shark-nado pun intended. It was just amusing after hearing a shared story one day).
I purchased the pattern from Etsy shop The Compass Needle.

Wednesday we did get some wicked wind and quite the light show; but not much as far as rain went.
 Thursday was over cast but warm. Its 1/2 day at work so I went into the city to get my new windshield put on my vehicle. I also stopped by Home Depot and picked up a few bags of soil & some flowers. Most of those went into my bed I have over at the office. My husband built it for me last fall to go over the spot where its mainly rocks. It was his way of "helping" me to not damage the blades of our lawnmower. My daughter helped put them.There's some wild flower seeds in there already but not much was growing so we've added some strawberries & flowers which will boost colour.

Barry across the way took a photo of my ornamental crab tree. Its always amazing under there with all the bees buzzing above my bench. The low hanging branches trap in the fragrances of the lilac flowers as well. On good days I spend my afternoons sitting outside on my bench. This is the view I get from my spot when I look up.

Today was not one of those days. Today there was rain. All day. It was gloomy and customers were short as they were feeling damp (plus most were farmers upset they couldn't get all their seeding in before the rains came). Between the rain and the winds, quite a few of the blossoms fell off the tree creating this winter wonderland effect.

I started a weather chart from the March 2017 Cross Stitcher magazine. I started doing some of the weekday blank boxes but then ran out white & decided to stitch up one of the weather options. Grumpy Storm cloud.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Heeeerrrree Chick-Chick...MAY Smalls SAL & other goodness

Mom's rooster "Big Thunder" is a very randy boy. Treats his girls good & is very protective, but he's got a couple favorite ladies. He's an ugly thing, like a discarded patchwork quilt you find in the bottom of an old attic steam trunk, with the personality one would pair up with a gym nut taking steroids. She was hoping all this hen hopping he'd at least be properly fertilizing so she gave me 10 eggs. I put 5 into my little incubator & gave 5 to a friend up the hill, who put them under her broody hen.  2 of mine & 3 of hers had to be tossed out as they were not fertile when we did the 1st candling. At 2nd candling, the hen had abandoned the nest (eggs were no longer growing) and the 3 remaining at my place had also stopped progressing.

Clearly Mr. Big Thunder was all for show.

I bought some more 16 eggs from another locale lady & crafted my own DYI incubator with a styrofoam cooler but it wasn't holding the humidity high enough so I bought a real one, with auto turn & digital temp and humidity gauges. 6 of those went under my broody hen & the rest went into the 'bator. So far only one is trying to hatch. They were all due to be born this weekend. Nothing.

We hit up the St. Paul Critter Market Saturday. I had won two contests and was expecting 6 chicks (3 from each win) However I was only given 3. Disappointing but I bought a few others from another vendor. So now there are 9 peeping chicks in my craft area. It's one of the warmest places in the house, which the babies need.

Picked up this Father's Day gift as well. It's a bee house, for solitary bees.

A mutual friend got me in touch with another local lady w/ eggs. She provided me with 4 dozen mixed breed eggs from her farm.

One: SAL's: I joined up with Durene Jones freebie Tea & Cakes sal being provided through Lakeside Needle Crafts FB page.
Two: For my May Smalls SAL contribution I finished this clown fish puzzle on a baby onesie. The back stitching didn't turn out very well. It got all wonky and wiggly. I'd still do this one again...but on aida next time round.

Three: I also did up these 2 little cards: These Lucie Heaton Christmas Fairies were the "free gift" that was added to the Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine: November 2015.

Four: I completed and gifted the memory piece for my SIL's parents.

Five: I finished the baby sampler gift I'd done up for some neighbour customers of  mine. Its from the 2017 May issue of CrossStitcher Magazine. Baby Bunting by Faye Walsh of Little Dove Designs.
I didn't have quite a big enough piece of boarding for the back so it looks like its a little gaped. I didn't much care for the colours either upon completion. The stitched model looked much more cheery. But its complete, and given they were thankful I thought of them so Good Job. :) 

Completed our year end dance performance. It was a lot of stress and fun.
Aunty vs little niece ballet slippers
Mom & daughter (tap vs Broadway feet)

Our jazz number was super fun. Made a few audience members feel on the spot with the improve in the aisle dancing but it was good. We jived to the Beegee's "You should be dancing". I got to rock so super big hair. Haha

Dance took up Mother's Day so nothing really special for that other than my daughter made me a wonderful card. I did swing by The Lobster Mobsters seafood truck and get me a few bodies though. Which were tender and gone too quickly.

And while at our local 2nd hand store (Lolly Pops) looking for gnomes for my sister, I came across this little fella and rescued it. I'd thought it was a heat pad, you know for pots - but its actually got a space for a dowel along the top. Either way it was cute & I couldn't just leave someone's handy work. There's not signature or date on it so I don't even get to know who the crafter was. 

December 2018 SAL Smalls

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