Sunday, 1 January 2017

December Smalls SAL

Eek! We've reached the end of the year. Time to take restock of the WIPs bin and figure out what will be a plausible completion for next year.
I didn't reach my goal to get all the customers I wanted to stitch ornaments for done. But there's always 2017 to start early.

We had our extended family Christmas, with game gift. Aunt Trish won the Dear Pluto.  My Nanny won the HP piece, but I think she wound up trading gifts with my cousin Rachel instead. Guess she's not really a PotterHead ;)

Barry enjoyed his ornament.

Cecile enjoyed her snowman.

Some of the other customers got initials for their gifts.

Just before Christmas, We went to the Japanese Village to celebrate a friends 40th plus his finishing the last exam & Red Seal of his ticket to be an RV tech (yes this is actually a ticketed trade. Go figure). We had time before the meal so hubby and I walked through Michaels and this little gem was put together on the fly 😂 *hehe* using a metal hanging, some chalk board, an ornament, markers and 3M adhesive.  He can either hang it in their camper or at work.

 I made a couple more of these simple Christmas Stitchings for a few other customers.

Boy child 2 had his 18th birthday so he's moved up to ManChild status. He liked the Gremlins piece he got for his Xmas gift. (Didn't finish the daughters one in time though). Sorry the photos blurry, his room is quite dark and the iPad doesn't take the clearest of images. It's on glow in the dark cloth, but I don't think it will ever have that problem given its placement. 
 😉 This concludes it. All the birthdays are done this month. All 3 of our sons are now adults. ManChild 1 had his 20th birthday yesterday (New Years Eve baby). Even our daughter, whose bday kicks off our 4 kids Dec B days, had her 16th. They don't stay small long enough.

My brother sent me some tasty lobsters from Nova Scotia for my Christmas gift. My girls enjoyed the small bits of meat and fat from the shells. (Along with their waffles)

I revamped this little ornament, though it wound up messier than I would have liked, glue gun kept faltering. I've sent it to my newly discovered sister. _/( o - o )\_
Turns out my biological father was all about sharing the love. I grew up thinking I was the eldest of 5. (Still the eldest of moms 5 though.) Then 20 yrs ago found out I had other sibling. That I was now the 2nd eldest of 8.....and now am the 2nd eldest of 9.  From Shawn I gained a fantastic elder brother and 3 younger sisters (this newest Yule discovered sister is only 9mths younger than myself). 

Looking forward to getting more stitching done down from the WIPs bin as well as a few other goodies.


  1. Cute ornaments! Great finishes.

  2. I see fun and joy in your stitching - so nice to see! I love your ornaments. Happy New Year!

  3. You finished so many ornaments. And you stitch so many things to give as gifts. Love the Goonies

  4. Congrats on all of the finishes!

  5. Thank you. I love making things for others.


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