Friday, 18 November 2016

Plenty of mids

How are we mid way through November already?!?! These are my November new-starts, and they've got a good portion done to them.

1. The first one is one of the Christmas Game Gifts. My family is very much on the nerdy, Fan-girl (boy), goofy side. So the this one is a HP homage. The bright colours appealed to me (beyond being House of Gryffindor).

2. My 2nd new start is one for one of my boys given that he likes the Gremlins. Particularly the Mogwai's. The pattern is from CloudFactory. I've got it being stitched on glow-in-the-dark white aida.

3. Then there is this 3rd one. Another cheeky one from CloudFactory for the Game Gift. I'm going to find some space material (aiming for black with some stars) and fashion it into a pillow. Would probably be a good win for one of my cousins.

4. I'm almost finished The Key. Just need to finish filling in the head stone.
5. Completed one more Mitten Friend & am 1/2 way through another one.
6. I've started a piece for my daughter....I can't say what it is yet though as it will be for Christmas and she occasionally reads this blog. But it does have to do with Supernatural. I don't have too much started on that one as the chart I purchased did not print off with the grid lines clearly. It was like they had shifted slightly in the printing process as they look find on the pdf file. The designer also used the numbers 8 and 9 as part of the key code and then had them placed side by side in the chart, making it hard to separate them. Suppose in the end it would make too much of a difference as the floss shades are only slight.

7. Is there a seventh one? Oh yes! A string of ballerinas. I'm deviating from the charts stitched model ever so slightly and aiming to have the ballerinas match those of us in our Adult Ballet class. Perhaps as a year end gift for our instructor. Or it could just kick around the studio. Either way, it means changing up the skin tones & hair colours as well as adding one more additional dancer. We all have our "go to" spots on the barre so I plan to make each of the little ballerinas more or less representative of us.


  1. Can you give details on the HP ornament? Thanks. I live your ballerinas idea!

    1. You can find the shop on Etsy called "fiddlesticksau".

  2. Great work on the HP piece and I love Pluto's sentiment too!

  3. Lol I love the Pluto one! They all sound/look great!


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