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Plenty of mids

How are we mid way through November already?!?! These are my November new-starts, and they've got a good portion done to them.

1. The first one is one of the Christmas Game Gifts. My family is very much on the nerdy, Fan-girl (boy), goofy side. So the this one is a HP homage. The bright colours appealed to me (beyond being House of Gryffindor).

2. My 2nd new start is one for one of my boys given that he likes the Gremlins. Particularly the Mogwai's. The pattern is from CloudFactory. I've got it being stitched on glow-in-the-dark white aida.

3. Then there is this 3rd one. Another cheeky one from CloudFactory for the Game Gift. I'm going to find some space material (aiming for black with some stars) and fashion it into a pillow. Would probably be a good win for one of my cousins.

4. I'm almost finished The Key. Just need to finish filling in the head stone.
5. Completed one more Mitten Friend & am 1/2 way through another one.
6. I've started a piece for my …

October Small SAL

It's Halloween season, so I've done less stitching and more costume sewing. My daughter is going as Oogie-Boogie from Nightmare B4 Xmas. Her group had slowly dwindled down of willing participants, so she's been crafting pieces herself & plans to ambush them at school with costumes galore *hehe*

 I went as Mrs. Lovett....though no one but 2 of the girls from dance understood. Clearly not many people have watched Sweeney Todd. (costume was less Helena Bonham & more Angela Lansbury).

 We didn't get any kids this year. Seen a few groups wandering around town, but we live on the side w/ no light posts or sidewalks. Most wee ones don't like walking in the dark and parents aren't to keen on crossing the highway. More cookies for my crew I suppose.

It's always fun to see what other stitcher's have done each month over at Stitching Lotus's Smalls SAL.

I finished these 2 mittens.

I started on 2 more.....

Finished this little Noël. There is a heart s…