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September Smalls SAL

One: I used the Jane Austen silhouette I had in the Finished Chest & using a piece of omeba (paisley) red cloth and a shadow box frame: I added the names of a friend and her newly acquired husband.

Two:  This Dimensions kit (Laundry Today). I don't know where the black hoop it came with disappeared to so I used a green size 7 hoop. 
Three: Posting a Letter (Durene Jones). The idea is to stitch a couple of these guys to give out to my customers at Christmas. I've put the year on the box and will put the intended a names onto the envelope. I just haven't decided who will get these designs yet.  I added a toque to this panda, but I don't really like it very much as it looks more like a sweatband. 
New Starts: From the Just Cross Stitch 2016 Halloween magazine: Lee Fisher (StitchyFish Designs) ~ The Key. Stitching it on Monet.

M'ere Puss-puss.....

This is Misfit. We got her from a pet store when she was a kitten. They didn't expect her to live long as she was a runt. We were given a discounted price for her. Normally I wouldn't purchase an animal this way - we have frequently added to our furry family members from the SPCA - however she looked both cute & pitiful in the cage. It didn't take her long in the safety of our home (as safe as one can be when you're ankle high and there are small children running around the house). 

Granted that was back in 2005. She's had a few health scares since then (like the one in 2006 that had her parallelized for a few months but the vets being unable to find anything actually wrong with her legs.) Its a tedious job having to carry your cat to and from the litter box & water/food bowls a few times a day. Good thing we love her. The vets told me to put her down. I declined and told them if she was dying she would do so at home in her comfy spot. 
This is our Old Lad…