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Hubby is still home. Can you feel my tension?

Management hasn't quite figured out how things are going down yet in way of calling people back. He gets his regular updates, more so from the fire consult conference calls that the Red Cross has been sending out each day. Next Wednesday (so June 1st) he's going to take his mother up so she can assess the damage to the house. They are letting people back into town in sections. Downtown, where they live & hasn't been damaged by the actual fire, is 1st. They will take photos of the damage (heat & smoke) for insurance; there are adjusters in town already that will be making the rounds for everyone. Then grab whatever it is that she wants to for collectables/valuables & clothing.

Everyone has been instructed that they are not to open their fridges/freezers & to just bind them up good with tape & eventually they will be taken outside for collection. The fire, still in the woodland area is not the …

Smalls SAL (April & May)

I didn't get around to posting the image of my April Smalls SAL before the cut off, even though I did have the piece finished.

This is from SHD's and is a (requested) gift for one of the teachers aides at the school. She was one of my dance mates in Adult Jazz as well.

My MAY contribution is this 2nd set of Festive Party Legs ~ again, for Barry across the way for Christmas.

Weekend Exhaustion

Saturday was The 10th Annual IFRD. I was lucky to be able to meet up with some ladies in a nearby town and boot about with them for the day. 

We we flagged down by this little gal raising money for Red Cross's #YMMStrong campaign by selling lemonade. In one of the towns we passed through. (I'm the blonde with glasses on the far right). 
**Alas while we were enjoying the gorgeous weather and slim traffic, unbeknownst to us, (on a hwy stretch a little closer to home) a still green rider took a corner too wide on an already blind Corner, crossed the centre line and into the path of a north bound truck. Not only did She lose her life, but her husband, who was following behind in his vehicle had to witness it. The media hasn't officially released her name but we are a small town and everyone is already aware of the family now one important member short. 😥
**Hubby is home now. They finally evac'd the employees & shut down the plants as the wind shifted and drove the fires …


I haven't been on much  - lots going on at home & now there are the fires! My Brother-in-law lost his house & we're pretty sure my brother did too. Everyone's safe though down here at the cabin now. Mother in law FINALLY evacuated. Police had to go to her house to make her leave. Its her whole world. She's had so much going on this past year that it was just a little too stressful for her.

Hubby is still locked in at work out at site. They've started to evac people from the camps they were sent to north of the city, he's not at camp though. He's found a "comfy" corner in the lunch room to sleep in. He has to stay as he's considered one of the essential staff. I know he's safe where he is but it still unnerves me that even with all the extra fire fighters ~ they can't get it under control. It makes me sick to watch my hometown burn :'(

There's plenty of negativity in the media about the oilsands in McMurray - but what pe…


My first postcard arrived!!! I've sent out 8? And this is the 1st one I've gotten back. I was a little at a loss to what to write on the back, but this lady clearly has been involved for a while as she gave me a few ideas in her writing. Now I'm more excited to send out future cards :)
Photo is of Zen-Koji in Nagano City she says.  I framed my daughters art project (she's 15).