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Oh Deer, I've found my Map

Piece by piece I am slowly getting through my WIPs/UFO drawer. I took my "World Map" to work yesterday to finish up the back stitching. That's all that was left to do on it. Just too lazy to actually get the gold lines put in. Well now its all stitched up & can move from the one drawer....into the finished chest. HAHAHA.

I finally finished the lay out that I want for Ronnie's requested piece. I had started by just making copies of the 2 patterns I wanted parts from, cutting them out and laying them down on the cloth. I took photos of it so I would know where I wanted things to go & had started on the lower deer. But it was bugging me that I didn't actually have a pattern to follow so for the last couple of days I would manually copy out all the pattern pieces into my PCStitch program & move things around to get them where I wanted them to be. I came across a set of letters (in the new Crazy for Cross Stitch ipad edition) and have incorporated them i…

Pirates, Rum & Babies

I'm My family (the men) host a Thursday get together at my Uncles house dubbed appropriately "Rum Night". They are big on having a good time - large gatherings, foolish antics.  Multi generations of (legal aged) male bravado enhanced with Rum.

So it was very fitting that for my globe trotting cousins, who like adventure (seriously, these 2 head to the mountains to go glacier ice climbing on weekends), and rum....that I stitched this piece for their recent addition.

I took the Sue Hillis Design pattern "Tools of the Trade" and changed out the words to make it a name sampler.

And here it is in a frame; a little blurrier because I had to try and take the photo before the dog walked in front of me again. She thinks the words "take a picture" mean of her...ALL THE TIME.

I'm back in my own office now so I can actually do more stitch work on Ronnie's requested piece. He came in today to see if I was back...I am. I apologized for not having more done…