Friday, 25 March 2016

Quiet March ~ (March Smalls SAL)

Not much time for stitching this month. I've been on loan to another office. Its almost an hr drive and with Winter finally deciding to make up for the lack of snow we've had the last few months, it leaves me feeling drained from the tension of the highway drive so early in the morning. Ventures home have been fine with dry (mostly) roads. Mother Nature is sure in a hilarious mood.

This office is much more unorganized so I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to get it sorted AND deal with the regular daily tasks so there's been no stitching time minus what I can do during the weekends.

I did get my March Small done.

I finished the one for Mr. Miller "Our Neck of the Woods" another pattern by Stoney Creek. This pattern from the 2015 Winter magazine. I opted to put the family name in the space of the biblical scripture it had above the cabin. Alas, I didn't get to see his reaction ~ as I was working at the other office ~ when he picked it up with the rest of his parcels.  My employee informs me he was thankful albeit a little confused. Hahaha. It wasn't an expected thing. I had just seen the pattern and instantly thought of him and how outdoorsy his family is so I stitched it for them. 

Put a start into Ronnie's daughter's piece (the requested project) & have one of the deer silhouettes  along the bottom finished. Still need to plan out the wording though as the way I have the back designs set it will need to be at a slight angle and I haven't  mastered my PCStitch program for that. 

Did a little work on my cousin's baby sampler and have fallen quite far behind on my Lisbei SAL :(

Only a week left and I'll be back in my own office.


  1. The Piece for the Millers is extreme.. I love the replacing of the verse with the name. It is a wonderful gift. Be safe on your commute. I hate driving in the snow. Your Small is great, thanks for sharing

  2. Congrats on the finished they look great! Good luck driving in the snow that's one part I don't miss


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