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Dragon Age - Inquistion Stitch

After playing all the different games available for the Xbox 360....and going through DA-I twice with different characters; I was still disappointed that the PC had more available quests then the console did so I gave in and purchased that version as well.

In my random xstitch pattern perusing, I discovered a blog where the author had invested time to create a couple patterns from DA. As seen HERE.
I have one friend on my FB list who was just as enthralled by the characters as I was. Who, has had some really unfortunate things happen to him this past year (biggest one: having survived been run over by a truck!) so that being noted, he's been having what sounds like some really downer moments - though is finally able to walk enough to go back to work. I stitched him this Aravel w/ the elvish scribe roughly translating into “This is my home, a place of peace.” In hopes that he can find some for himself.
She has a 2nd piece on her blog (The Golden Halla) which I may stitch eventual…

Quiet March ~ (March Smalls SAL)

Not much time for stitching this month. I've been on loan to another office. Its almost an hr drive and with Winter finally deciding to make up for the lack of snow we've had the last few months, it leaves me feeling drained from the tension of the highway drive so early in the morning. Ventures home have been fine with dry (mostly) roads. Mother Nature is sure in a hilarious mood.

This office is much more unorganized so I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to get it sorted AND deal with the regular daily tasks so there's been no stitching time minus what I can do during the weekends.

I did get my March Small done.

I finished the one for Mr. Miller "Our Neck of the Woods" another pattern by Stoney Creek. This pattern from the 2015 Winter magazine. I opted to put the family name in the space of the biblical scripture it had above the cabin. Alas, I didn't get to see his reaction ~ as I was working at the other office ~ when he picked it up with the rest of h…

Weekend's here!