Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Wips/UFO's Following into 2016

I've constructed a list of the pieces that are following me this year in hopes I'll pull them out of the dark of the draw to finish.  I like lists.  So the aim is to have this bunch more visible most are mid - near completion I've just been tempted by other patterns along the way. ;)

From 2015
  • Grand Prix 1958 Poster (also for Tracy P)
  • Owl Lullaby (for Sammie)
  • Dino D.N.A
  • Tranquility (for Ruth)
  • Fiber Friends (for Lori)
  • Lumpy & Roo
  • PINN - Bookmark Kit 30-P (yellow mini w/ sunflower)
  • Moon & Spider Apple Cider
  • Remember (Mcpl Donny)
  • Violin Christmas by Dimentions (Mr. Battrick)
  • Family Tree (Corrin)
From 2014
  • Old Time Locomotive 
  • Magestic Stag (Leonard)
  • House Rules (Gislaine) 
  • DS9 (gift exchange)
  • Poinsettia Ornament 
  • Germany Map (Brock)
  • Cat litter box saying (home)
From 2013
  • So Hot Chili mice (Brock)
  • Tribal Hippo (Cory)
  • Wedding forest (Serenity prayer) Alysha & Jason
  • Summer SAL (Frosted Pumpkin)
  • Chicken Trio (Linda)


  1. That's a lot of charts good luck finishing them!

  2. Happens to me all the time that I am tempted by new projects. But the old ones get pulled out every now and then :) Good luck with yours.


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