Friday, 1 January 2016

Here we GOOooooo!!! 2016

Welcome 2016! Hope everyone celebrated safely and is eager to have grand things happen. I certainly am looking forward to some changes in my own life. 

New Year, New Stitches, New Goals.

There is a roll over of 23 WIPs/UFO's that are tagging along into the new year. I have a selection of patterns I would like to start from last years purchases and with this year definitely being my lean year for purchases, it would be a good idea. Last year I declared it was going to be "Frugal '15"....of course that didn't work out so well when I found myself in a good spot financially. Then all the issues we had with our eldest happened & hubby didn't curb any of his spending despite barking at me to do so & we've fallen into the catch-up game. I didn't get any crafting materials gifted to me for Christmas so its a good thing I bought my own. It was a preorder I had done during the fall but didn't expect them to arrive until sometime mid/late January as they were coming from a distributor in France. Excitedly they showed up the week of Xmas.

I'm especially eager to start the Baby Faery; the house brownies flipping pancakes & the Cat...who reminds me of Dragon except with the colouring of Nicodemus from Secret of Nimh.

The first new starts of 2016 will be belated holiday gifts for a few of my customers. 1st up is SCC's: Snow Angel from the Autumn 2015 Collection Magazine. I started it this morning on gold sparkle Charles Craft & am almost finished. 

Although I have been snickering (down side to having teen boys w/ simple tracked minds) at the key code selection of the runner band as it repeats this 'boob' over an over 😉

I signed up to participate in a Valentine's Orni exchange; I've settled on a simple perfume set as I don't have any clues as to what the lady receiving is like or likes. I've also signed up to participate in another SAL w/ Lisbei ~ she just sent out the 1st email installment. As well as the monthly Smalls SAL over at Stitching Lotus.

And I've pulled out another 5 patterns to stitch straight off the bat. 4 of which are SCC & the one which is for my daughter is "Alice" by Brooke Nolan. 

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  1. Woohoo I love when mail comes early! Have fun stitching them!


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