Thursday, 1 December 2016

November SAL Smalls

Alright! The end of November - but what that also means is booo.....birthday and Christmas season. Boo for the dumping of mass amounts of celebratory reasons in a short time frame. The best part of December is helping make sure Santa gets his letters up to the North Pole on time ;)

For  my Stitching Lotus Smalls SAL's this month I did this pretty tropical style turtle for Brother #4's girlfriend. I really like how the pinkish fabric worked with the design. I also did this ornament (yet to be fixed into one) of the snowman for another one of my customers, as well as a 3rd Mitten Friend. 

I finally completed the HP theme'd piece for the family exchange (designer Angie of fiddlesticksAU off Etsy) 

 And while it is clearly not straight in this frame, I have completed The Key from JXS - Halloween Magazine. I liked the purple aida for this one. I just wanted it up and away so that it didn't get wrecked or misplaced before I get the mat cut for it. Goes great beside my Amanda Steven's "Graveyard Queen" series.

I've put more work into BoyChild's Gremlins & am almost finished. I'm sure if I focused, it would be completed in an evening. I have the frame already bought for it. 

These are too of the very amazing wire tree designs I picked up at a craft sale this past weekend. They are each intended for one of my Sister-In-Law's for Christmas. Given that the 3rd SIL, has a tree which is stitched, I thought I would do something similar for the other 2.
We-Met Artisan Goods.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Plenty of mids

How are we mid way through November already?!?! These are my November new-starts, and they've got a good portion done to them.

1. The first one is one of the Christmas Game Gifts. My family is very much on the nerdy, Fan-girl (boy), goofy side. So the this one is a HP homage. The bright colours appealed to me (beyond being House of Gryffindor).

2. My 2nd new start is one for one of my boys given that he likes the Gremlins. Particularly the Mogwai's. The pattern is from CloudFactory. I've got it being stitched on glow-in-the-dark white aida.

3. Then there is this 3rd one. Another cheeky one from CloudFactory for the Game Gift. I'm going to find some space material (aiming for black with some stars) and fashion it into a pillow. Would probably be a good win for one of my cousins.

4. I'm almost finished The Key. Just need to finish filling in the head stone.
5. Completed one more Mitten Friend & am 1/2 way through another one.
6. I've started a piece for my daughter....I can't say what it is yet though as it will be for Christmas and she occasionally reads this blog. But it does have to do with Supernatural. I don't have too much started on that one as the chart I purchased did not print off with the grid lines clearly. It was like they had shifted slightly in the printing process as they look find on the pdf file. The designer also used the numbers 8 and 9 as part of the key code and then had them placed side by side in the chart, making it hard to separate them. Suppose in the end it would make too much of a difference as the floss shades are only slight.

7. Is there a seventh one? Oh yes! A string of ballerinas. I'm deviating from the charts stitched model ever so slightly and aiming to have the ballerinas match those of us in our Adult Ballet class. Perhaps as a year end gift for our instructor. Or it could just kick around the studio. Either way, it means changing up the skin tones & hair colours as well as adding one more additional dancer. We all have our "go to" spots on the barre so I plan to make each of the little ballerinas more or less representative of us.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

October Small SAL

It's Halloween season, so I've done less stitching and more costume sewing. My daughter is going as Oogie-Boogie from Nightmare B4 Xmas. Her group had slowly dwindled down of willing participants, so she's been crafting pieces herself & plans to ambush them at school with costumes galore *hehe*

 I went as Mrs. Lovett....though no one but 2 of the girls from dance understood. Clearly not many people have watched Sweeney Todd. (costume was less Helena Bonham & more Angela Lansbury).

 We didn't get any kids this year. Seen a few groups wandering around town, but we live on the side w/ no light posts or sidewalks. Most wee ones don't like walking in the dark and parents aren't to keen on crossing the highway. More cookies for my crew I suppose.

It's always fun to see what other stitcher's have done each month over at Stitching Lotus's Smalls SAL.

I finished these 2 mittens.

I started on 2 more.....

Finished this little Noël. There is a heart shaped pattern template to follow for its finishing.

And have almost completed The Key.

                       Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Snow bound

Yuck!!! 40 cm of snow fell this past weekend. The sun is trying desperately to pop through the cloud coverage but it's still not warm. A balmy -2c for a high today.

I've completed the stitching for Collette's mitten, more than 1/2 way through Louis' and have started a 3rd.

The pattern has 5 of these snowman mitten friends strung in a row, but the smallest one is on the crease of the booklet so it's harder to get a working copy made of it on the scanner. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Mid October

Few new starts for this week. Stoney Creek's "1 cup @ a time" from the Jan/Feb '02 magazine. A quick 2 day stitch. This will wind up as someone's holiday gift. I've got an idea for who but not 100%.


I learned a new painting technique recently from a local shop, Sunday Morning Chic. The proprietor, Anita, has started holding workshops now that her store is in a more centralized location. The class I attended dealt with using her supplied paint brand Fusion. Using the beeswax rubbings to create worn spots we painted step stools. I think I will use this etching with a dark brown paint for this piece. Just have to hit up a few 2nd hand stores for a frame.


For another gift for some of my older customers, I started my first mitten from the pattern by Diane Arthurs called "Mitten Friends". The one i began yesterday will be Colette. 

I've stitched it on sparkly Aida. 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

September Smalls SAL

One: I used the Jane Austen silhouette I had in the Finished Chest & using a piece of omeba (paisley) red cloth and a shadow box frame: I added the names of a friend and her newly acquired husband.

This Dimensions kit (Laundry Today). I don't know where the black hoop it came with disappeared to so I used a green size 7 hoop. 

Three: Posting a Letter (Durene Jones).
The idea is to stitch a couple of these guys to give out to my customers at Christmas. I've put the year on the box and will put the intended a names onto the envelope. I just haven't decided who will get these designs yet. 
I added a toque to this panda, but I don't really like it very much as it looks more like a sweatband. 

New Starts:
From the Just Cross Stitch 2016 Halloween magazine: Lee Fisher (StitchyFish Designs) ~ The Key. Stitching it on Monet.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

M'ere Puss-puss.....

This is Misfit. We got her from a pet store when she was a kitten. They didn't expect her to live long as she was a runt. We were given a discounted price for her. Normally I wouldn't purchase an animal this way - we have frequently added to our furry family members from the SPCA - however she looked both cute & pitiful in the cage. It didn't take her long in the safety of our home (as safe as one can be when you're ankle high and there are small children running around the house). 

Granted that was back in 2005. She's had a few health scares since then (like the one in 2006 that had her parallelized for a few months but the vets being unable to find anything actually wrong with her legs.) Its a tedious job having to carry your cat to and from the litter box & water/food bowls a few times a day. Good thing we love her. The vets told me to put her down. I declined and told them if she was dying she would do so at home in her comfy spot. 

This is our Old Lady now......She'll be 13 in February.With her dainty little toes and robust body, she walks like what one would imagine a heavy set cartoon opera singer in high heels would strut. 

She naps more. Eats....the same really. She loves her cat nip and says she doesn't have a habit - its "medicinal for her aches and pains". *hehe* This project has been in the WIPs drawer, sometimes making a daylight apperance. It's from Jeanette Crews "Cattitudes - 13th Litter" booklet. The phrase is from another project from the same book (Litter) but I liked this tabby (Control) better as it looked more like Misfit so I changed it up a bit.


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

There's always time for Cookies

The kids have gotten more interested in baking lately. Our eldest son & our youngest daughter have always done some level of baking. They took Foods classes in high school so would bring home a variety of recipes to challenge themselves with remaking at home.

Lately BoyChild #2 has decided he'd like to bake his own jumbo sized cookies. The go-to favorite recipe page finally fell out of the cookbook (not surprising given I've owned that particular book since before the kids were born) & he had posted it to the fridge so it wouldn't get lost. I opted to create a cookie stitching and incorporate the recipe because I've had this one pattern sitting around forever that I knew I would do one day, but hadn't ever come to a project that it would fit for.

It's a 1992 design leaflet by Sydney McIntosh's called "Grandma's cookie taster", a bib design that I bought for a whole 50 cents. The recipe is a simplified rite from Company's Coming book aptly titled "Cookies".

Started it after lunch & it took all afternoon/evening to get it finished up. Last Finish of August!  I plan to hang it up on the wall behind the stove so that they can see it whenever they want to bake some goodies. 

Photos on the fuzzy side as lighting was poor and I didn't want my reflection in it. 
Frames a pretty colour but it should have been darker to actually stand out against the green of my kitchen. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Starting the Holiday gifts

I've been attacked by the "Potty Patrol"! This is a fun floral fundraiser one of our local hamlets is putting on to raise funds. They'd like to have a playground in their area as they have a newly revived younger age bracket with little ones who would benefit from a park. 
The deal goes like this: it's $10 for you to put a potty on someone's lawn ;)
It's $10 if someone potties your lawn and you want it removed. OR,
It's $20 if you'd like to ensure you have potty protection (meaning none of your wise cracking friends can place a potty at your home/business).
Either way - the playground committee makes $20 off each potty placement. They had run out of the porcelain kind and Anita (Sunday Morning Chic) crafted a few styrofoam ones from coolers, like this one.

*crafty up close view*

From all those beets - I only managed to get 8 jars (500ml) of spiced pickled beets. 

A couple friends have sickened posted the count down to Christmas already on their FB pages. Yuck! It was bad enough that commercials for back to school sales started at the end of July. We weren't even into August yet, why rush summer more than it already is?

But the count down sick up a panic that I wouldn't have enough time to get more pieces done. I don't even know what to give this year. Or who will get something beyond my regulars. Melly gifted me another 70 cast off magazines she found round her house, once belonging to her ex MIL. (Yes 70' that wasn't a mistype) so I have a bunch more bookmarked patterns I'd like to do or think someone else would like to receive. 

I've finished a simple one from the 2015 Just Cross Stitch magazine. Haven't done a finish technique on it yet but it's stitched.

I've got a 2nd little one (same magazine) started and set aside in the truck as a travel stitch. Yesterday I pulled out Mr.Battrick's intended piece as well. It had a few 1/2 stitches done last winter, then I put it aside and didn't remember where that "aside" was...*whoops*. So now that I've relocated it I need to get it done so I can check it off my work list. (The left hand 1/2 stitches and the green was the left-off point. I've done the fiddle section today).

We've had a fair bit of rain lately so my pieces need to be on light cloth. I can't sit outside on my bench & it's fairly dark in my office. 

It makes for some amazing rainbows though!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Time for Baba's & Borscht - August Smalls

When I came across these little Russian dolls that Durene Jones was putting out as a gratuitous patterns at the same time that I happened to stumble across the Baba's & Borscht event - I knew I would need to stitch them.

One other blogger took these dolls and crafted them into adorable key chains. I am not sure how I plan to finish them off just yet, but as they were really quick stitches, I may just make a few of them for the Baba's that are local to my area.


I stitched the 3 of them together to make an egg hat. 
Side One

Side Two

Side Three

These little cuties can be my August Smalls SAL. (

The husband hates, with a palatial passion, borscht so I won't be making it here. I do have 2 full mounds of beet in the garden though so its a good thing that I like pickled beets so much. I just need to set aside the time to actually get them started and canned. Maybe mom'll do it for me ;) she's really good a making beets. Last  year I didn't boil them for quite long enough and they were still on the crunchy side. A big disappointment given how many quart bottles I had of them. I was able to salvage them somewhat by reboiling them when I heated them up....but its not the same as just eating them tart and fresh from a newly opened jar.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


In the incubator are 2 pheasant eggs I've lifted from my MIL's birds. From all the reading I've done, with the likelihood that only 1/2 of clutches will hatch, it is no surprise that only one remains viable. 

After candling them again - Eggbert stopped growing done time ago. Inside the shell is quite bright and the yolk just rotates around to sit on top regardless the angle I move the egg. Due date of hatch should have been tomorrow.

Egg Sheeran seems to be thriving. There is movement in the shell too even when it's just held still. (Estimated) Hatch date is Monday the 22nd. *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

July Smalls SAL
2016 Smalls SAL 

2 more finishes - one from the WIPs drawer (Chicken Trio) and a fresh Start/Finish (Cat Attitude).

A few years ago I gifted Linda some chicks when I put in my order. Alas she found out she was indeed allergic to birds and had to give them away herself. I'd started this piece with the thoughts it would be a set of birds she wouldn't react to. 😉 I dropped it off to her today at lunch. She wanted to know if it was a "Red Bench" stitching. Haha. I assured her it was and she seemed happy. 

My Red Bench is, well, just that. A red bench we've set outside my office that I spend a great deal of time on when it's quiet. 

I did the Cat Attitude for a sassy community member. She's turning 82 shortly here & had asked me last year for a cat stitching. When I found this one I immediately thought of Shirley. 
The blue flowers that make up the body reminded me of China tea cups that boast the similar pattern.

She was very excited receive it & claimed to have a perfect place on the chesterfield for it.  I surprised her, I don't think she thought I'd actually stitch her down thing; which is good... I like surprising people. 

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