Tuesday, 29 December 2015

December 2015 - Collection of Gifts

Slumping everything into one post so that I can keep a recollection of who got what this year (mostly so I don't accidentally gift a repeat quick stitch ornament to the same person should I do them again next year.....like the Grumpy Cats from Brooke Nolan).

 Darren's Mermaid - Sue Hillis Designs:
I took the glass out as it pressed up against the charm & I didn't want it to crack the glass.  

MIL's St. Nick & Owl is now framed in this rustic looking navy frame I purchased at Michaels. Hubby suggested a frame with a kick out arm so that his mom could display it, but put it away after the season & not need to search for a sliver of wall space on her already heavy walls.

I gave Guy his Fleece on Earth..... I couldn't really read his reaction. It was either amused or confused. I'm sure once he has the weekend to mull it over he may get the joke aspect of it.

Floyd thanked me for his ornament & declared it would go on his fridge with the rest of the ones I have given him.

I relocated my Aunt Coleen's Grumpy Cat from last year & did up her new one for this year. I mailed them both off to Florida.

I snuck Allen's ornament into a card & put it into his mailbox. I think that's one the more fun parts of my job. Gifting people mail into their boxes, not just from me but in general. The surprised expressions some people get from recieving REAL mail not just flyers or bills. My customers really dislike those envelopes with the windows that's for sure. Most common heard joke is "want to pay my bills for me".....um. no. I already pay for the PO's bills out of pocket as well as my eldest son's apartment. Which was suppose to be a temperary thing but has now been the norm. 
In the end, while I wasn't originally impressed,  I think this one was my favorite ornaments for turn out this year as far as finishing technique went.

Then there was the Scotty Dog, for Warren. He picked up his card from the mail & just grumbled a Thank You as he shuffled out the door. I'm sure he sat inside his truck & opened it there in privacy. *roll eyes* Silly farmers. 
[ turns out he wasn't as thrilled with the dog as I thought and hasn't spoken to me since]

Dad's gift: Rustic Barn 

Ronnie's rifle: he's going to do up a frame for it himself.

Barry's Christmas cutie he kept asking Mrs Claus for 😉

Couple people got these in their mail boxes: I made 6.

Andrea's Horse Welcome (Stoney Creek)


  1. Lots of great ornaments and stitching! Maybe he loves the Scotty but is too embarrassed to say so? I'm sure every one else is thrilled :)

  2. So many great gifts that you stitched up in 2015.

  3. Thank you :) The majority of my stitched pieces wind up as gifted items. I think only 5% remain at home....though many of those are gifted to certain family members as well.


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