Sunday, 22 November 2015

Week of Nov 15 - 21, 2015

I finished off Allen's Ornament. I'm not 100% satisfied with the technique (creators critical eye) but will do better for the next ones. I also put in some stitched on my FIL's Majestic Deer later on in the evening. 


Today I spend 5 hrs sitting at a table at a craft/Christmas gift sale selling my Steeped Tea. Realistically the word is "attempting to sell" as I managed to sell a whopping 4 teas.  Which is disheartening and yet still better then last year when I only sold 2. That didn't even make enough to cover the table cost. *sigh* I became a consultant because I like to drink tea, and with my large population of tea drinking granny - farm ladies I thought I would fill a niche. However that's not the reality. I've actually spent way more buying teas, product & paying for the website that nobody actually visits -  then any income I've been lead to believe I could make as a consultant. In the end I've got a lot of product....but no buyers. And with our food allergies, there are many types that I am unable to drink to validate the costs of my stock.

The flow of people was also incredibly quiet. It was a nice location. I may go back next year just to see what is there. I managed to finish off the last bit of 2 nephew reindeer and now just need to do the back stitching. Finish Chilly Penguin & get almost everything finished on St. Nick's Owl.


Busy day at work - not much for stitching. Just a few lines for the Ivy ornament. Followed by Jazz dance in the evening. 


Fun in the Mail!
I received an exciting package today with cloth & patterns. 2 of the patterns are meant as customer ornaments. I've started the 1st one today....I couldn't resist. *squee* I'm stitching the "Good Wool" on a scrap of Dark Moss aida.

I wasn't able to find the Christmas violin pattern in my magazines I thought I had, so Ordered one by Dimentions. The majority of it is in 1/2 stitches so I don't think it will take too long. 

Printed off a couple gratuity patterns from their corresponding websites to do and put in some work on Ronnie's rifle.


The winds were scary angry last night. As I look out the window the snow is still blowing around. I feel as if we're in a snowglobe. There is a crew from the company Sommerville doing gas line work around the community. They were to have started (according to their notice) the 2nd week in October having finished up by mid November. Well they started work yesterday. All of our vehicles have to be parked in the front of our homes now....which now that there is snow, is right where the plow has to go. Hopefully no ones vehicles get damaged. We've gotten scratched the last 2 winters we've lazily decided to park in the front. We have a 2ndary hwy that runs through the middle of town & while the speed limit is 50km; the big trucks do much faster than that. (We've been trying to petition with ABHWY's to reduce the speed to 30 because we have no sidewalks & there are little kids everywhere. If Dunstable & Busby are able to get theirs lowered there should be no reason for the negative decision we were given.) Their new notice, put out last night says they will take 3 weeks to complete their work. The ground is frozen right now so I imagine it will take longer then that estimate. There's also the fear that come the spring, the holes this frozen dirt will be pushed back into will cause sink holes around town. 

Finished St.Nick & Owl.


Doing some heavy work on my SIL's Horse Welcome. Eek....gotta get this one done Christmas is only 5 weeks away & this still needs to travel cross country.


  1. Lovely progress I love the penguin

  2. Beautiful stitching! I think the finish on the first one looks great.

  3. Beautiful stitching! I think the finish on the first one looks great.


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