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Week of November 22 - 28, 2015


Whoop! Guy's "Fleece on Earth" has been completed. Its bigger a design then I had envisioned & will be more likely a table/wall thing rather then a tree decoration.

More work on the Horse Welcome & Ronnie's Rifle. I've gridded the stock to break up the monotony of the brown. Between these 2 pieces I'm working with 6 different browns.

My MIL is an enormous Christmas buff. Her house explodes with overwhelming regalia for the season. Every room has their own tree, of varying sizes. EVERY ROOM. This year hubby's room (because he lives with his folks while works & actually spends more time up there then down here....) has a Star Wars theme'd tree. Which is fitting since he's recently taken up model making of the fleet. He has this festiveness rubbed off on him so while he was home this stint he put up our Xmas lights. Now our place looks like a little gingerbread house again. I love this photo w/ the moon at (almost) full over head.…

Week of Nov 15 - 21, 2015

SATURDAY: I finished off Allen's Ornament. I'm not 100% satisfied with the technique (creators critical eye) but will do better for the next ones. I also put in some stitched on my FIL's Majestic Deer later on in the evening. 
Today I spend 5 hrs sitting at a table at a craft/Christmas gift sale selling my Steeped Tea. Realistically the word is "attempting to sell" as I managed to sell a whopping 4 teas.  Which is disheartening and yet still better then last year when I only sold 2. That didn't even make enough to cover the table cost. *sigh* I became a consultant because I like to drink tea, and with my large population of tea drinking granny - farm ladies I thought I would fill a niche. However that's not the reality. I've actually spent way more buying teas, product & paying for the website that nobody actually visits -  then any income I've been lead to believe I could make as a consultant. In the end I've got a lot of product.…

Friday November 13th, 2015....Ooohhh Spoooky

I've made slow progress on the nephew's reindeer. I have left them at home & have started an Ivy block for another customer that I stitch a bit of at the office. I need to find a few missing colours and then back stitching. Plus,  I've been busier at work (go figure, people actually wanting to mail stuff out!) I even had the first Letters For Santa arrive to send up to the North Pole. ;)

I spoke to my youngest sister the other day, she let me know the kids school photos had arrived and that I wasn't to feel poorly we weren't doing any big spending for Christmas this year ~ as I had apologized in my letter. She did ask that maybe I make a 1st Yule banner for Zavier as I had done for Zyla's 1st Samhain. I let her know about these reindeer ornaments & she seemed appeased. She let me know that our other sister was trying again w/ her husband for a baby & perhaps I could think of a baby piece to stitch for her. I didn't want to do something & t…

November 9, 2015: Weekend Works

So the Casino volunteering went well. We lucked out and had a local guy (who has since made it to the bigger stages) playing in the band pit. Craig Moritz ~ Country singer. It passed the time & everyone on the floor seemed much more animated while live music was playing. It was lulled when his set was on break though.

7 & 8 hr shifts behind the glass left for lots of stitching time, people watching and stir crazy legs unfortunately.

I finished off Allan's "NOEL"

Both Marissa & Zyla's "Reindeer". I will be using a bead for the eyes as french knots are my nemesis. No matter how many times I've practiced them, they still wind up looking like a toddler knotted their shoe.  

Started Zavier & Bowen's "Reindeer"

And got a good portion of "Remember" stitched. 

I'm finding that the poppy's are looking more pink then red though w// the 2 melded threads. There was no variegated floss at the new fabric store that opene…

November 3, 2015 Post Halloween Coma

The kids are finally coming out of their candy induced comas. We didn't have many kids this year. Only 20. The girls took note of what spooky creatures arrived at our house & despite there being a small number, most of the kids had original outfits.

2 x Princesses                                              1 x Hockey Player
1 x Police (S.W.A.T)                                   1 x Ninja
1 x Minion                                                   1 x Elsa
1 x Storm Trooper                                       2 x Hunters
1 x Scare Crow                                            1 x Hulk
2 x Witches                                                  1 x Merida
1 x Banana                                                   1 x Cowboy
1 x Spiderman                                              1 x Cap't America

and 1 x "Box with a Face"........which I will assume is supposed to represent a "Robot" but as the girls were handing out candy bags I didn't se…

November 1, 2015

With the kids all feeling comatose from their ingestion of Halloween sugar & having stayed up late watching Halloween Town -  I was able to get some stitching down in the quiet hum of the house. 
I started & finished my aunts piece. It still needed a finishing technique applied though. I've put it in my "Completed Chest" so I don't misplace it like I did with her one from last year.
Fizzy Friends is also 1/2 way completed. For Janice & Darlene.

I've decided to stitch the "Night Before Christmas" reindeer from Dec's 2011 Cross Stitcher magazine as the monogrammed pieces as I haven't been able to find the cute snowmen I was hoping to do.