October 10, 2015: What happened to September?

Whoops! I don't have a clue as to what happened to my posting in September, but it obviously wasn't anything ohh ahh. I did frame and mail off my great aunts piece. It arrived safely at her place.

A friend of mine made me an adorable crocheted mandrake for my birthday & I in turn started to stitch Fiber Friends for hers...though I'm a little on the tardy side giving it to her. 

For the weekend of our anniversary, my husband and I went with some friends to the Entertainment Expo in the city. Billy Boyd signed my Hobbits Menu! Insert fan geek squeal! It's hanging in my kitchen and it makes me smile everytime I walk in there.

Started 2 of Maria Diaz's Bathing Belles this week & completed on yesterday.  

Went to Michaels after seeing Scorched Trials w/ the daughter (they should have blended the last book into this movie. Was 2 hrs long but didn't really get anywhere. Disappointing). Picked up some floss to set aside of future pieces. That brings us up to speed really. 


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