Saturday, 31 October 2015

October 30, 2015 - Who needs an Ornament?

Every year I stitch a few different people ornaments. I haven't found any that just jump out me to do this year. Or at least, none that seem to fit specific people. So far my recipient list is:

* 1. My Aunt - I've picked out Lizzie Kate's "Cozy Christmas Wishes"

* 2 & 3. The Flirty Farmers - I think I will go a sheep theme for one 😉 but am not sure on the other. Perhaps a Santa.
* Ronnie - I have his bigger project that I will have done for him.

* 4-6, 7&8. My sisters & their families. I would like to find a snowman alphabet and just do up monogrammed men.

* 9 Janice & Darlene....Have started a Fizzy Moon Friends for these two ladies as a joint piece for their tree.

* 10. Allen. He always makes me wooden ornaments each year. I should reciprocate. 

*11. Mr. Battrick. He's had a long year. He might want to have a special gift. A violin! That would be perfect. I think I have one around in one of my magazines that has a wreath.   

Finished the "Weathered Barn #1" by Gary D. Hanner. I like how it turned out. It will look good in my parents place.

Just a little done on moon & spider cider. I think I shall stitch the crescent with glow in the dark floss. The pattern calls for Rainbow Galleries Treasure Braid....which isn't carried anywhere around here so I will need to improvise. 

Friday, 30 October 2015

October 29, 2015

Only 2 more nights til Samhain!!!
I started Moon & Spider Apple Cider last night as my holiday theme. 

It's being stitched on 14ct Cypruim Aida. 

I added more stitches on St. Nick & Owl at work & began some of the back stitching.

Friday, 23 October 2015

October 23,2015 - Body Shaming Owl

Part of the allure of this piece was that she was a more robust girl. A real girl. So it goes to say that I being a bigger girl myself, I was mortified when my husband made a rude comment about why I would want to stitch something like this fat chick holding food. I'll admit that my reaction wasn't the most polite as I took it as a personal attack. If he couldn't be nice about a stitched lady of  non-twig framed body structure, how bleak exactly did he view my existence?  He back pedaled afterwards by saying what he meant was that I don't normally stitch the same piece more then once. That is usually true. I like to give the majority of my pieces away, so I want them to be individualized. However, this piece and the "wish you were here" one are different pieces. They are the same theme - the same designer - I even stitched them on the same blue aida to use up my scrap cloth....but they are not the same piece. Still. Body Shaming isn't okay.

I completed my Tequila & Salt last night as well. Buttons included. If I was to do it over again (which I won't) I would stitch it on a paler yellow or different colour altogether. This bright lemon yellow didn't show the yellow threads very well. I used the listed dmc alternative listings instead of the variegated threads they also showed option for. Mine turned out more blocked instead of more colourful. Just needs a wash, iron & frame. Until then it will sit in my "Finished Pieces Treasure Chest".

Today's working piece is Martha's St.Nick & Owl. I'm working on the white/318/762's of the owl. I came across this as a finished piece on Etsy, stitched on black aida, for an asking price of $300. Wow. It makes sense (time, materials, framing, mat it all adds up), but seeing it as a written sum still is head shaking. We had actually just been discussing this on FB this past week. How crafted items are always better as given & received then commissioned. If one was to charge $10/hr to have something stitched + material costs, the end result would be something no one would want to pay. No matter how personalized or amazing the crafter/crafted was.

This is where I was when I started today, what I did at work & where I finally left it to go to bed.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

October 20, 2015 - Do you GoodRead?

A simple question - "Do you GoodRead?" On top of having an extensive list of items in my UFO WIP & to-be-stitched piles, I also have a collection of books that keeps growing. The shelves in my house are full. There are bins in the storage room that are full. My GoodReads(c) list continues to grow as well. Its a sort of literary trap. They make suggestions on what you may like to read based on your previously read or wanting to read lists. Of course many times they are hitting to far out of the ball park from what I actually would like to submit my brain time for....but there are those times when they are right. Maybe I would like to read that novel. So I hit "add to" and secure the title to a specific shelf. When you're in a genre funk & thinking how drab it is that you are so secluded in a stereotyped world, perhaps thinking you would like to explore new genres. New artists & authors....then are sucked right back in w/ a wonderful suggestive piece. *shakes fist* Arrrgh GoodReads.

Last year was my first year to set up a Reading Challenge. That's not quite accurate. All through my youth & adolescent years I lived in the library & participated in all the reading challenges the various libraries put on. In school, my name bookworm wrapped around the class & I actually did book reports for fun. My English 30 teacher found it odd that when we had One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as a mandatory curriculum read, that not only had I already discovered the book & read it; I also had a prepared book report. Of course she quizzed me, what 16 yr old actually wants to read that kind of a book for fun after all - to make sure I wasn't lying. She was either pleasantly shocked that I remembered enough to answer all her questions or still taken aback it was a piece of personal choice. Either way it didn't matter. I was able to get out of reading the book a second time & was allowed to select something else; though still had to do the chapter quiz with my class.

Anyways...GoodReads has Reading Challenges. Last year I set my amount and beamed when I surpassed the goal. Feeling confident I upped the goal #....but then life got tangled and the books stayed on the shelf longer and I didn't make that second goal. I was downhearted.
This year I have set a much smaller number. I haven't reached that amount yet....or am even 1/2 way despite all the books I've picked up for the year and requested from the library. Whoops. Perhaps the comment of "Quality reads over quantity" bears some worthy truth.

Stitch Related:

 I have some of the outlining done & am working on the last bit of the sand in the IceCream Offer Bathing Belle's postcard.

I started a small bookmark (PINN company Code 30-P) of a little child wearing all yellow holding a sunflower as my "in vehicle" stitch.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

October 10, 2015: What happened to September?

Whoops! I don't have a clue as to what happened to my posting in September, but it obviously wasn't anything ohh ahh. I did frame and mail off my great aunts piece. It arrived safely at her place.

A friend of mine made me an adorable crocheted mandrake for my birthday & I in turn started to stitch Fiber Friends for hers...though I'm a little on the tardy side giving it to her. 

For the weekend of our anniversary, my husband and I went with some friends to the Entertainment Expo in the city. Billy Boyd signed my Hobbits Menu! Insert fan geek squeal! It's hanging in my kitchen and it makes me smile everytime I walk in there.

Started 2 of Maria Diaz's Bathing Belles this week & completed on yesterday.  

Went to Michaels after seeing Scorched Trials w/ the daughter (they should have blended the last book into this movie. Was 2 hrs long but didn't really get anywhere. Disappointing). Picked up some floss to set aside of future pieces. That brings us up to speed really. 

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