Sunday, 9 August 2015

July 23, 2015 - Chicken Fun-in-Mail

I've pulled out the 3 Chickens piece and have been working on the 1st position hen. 3rd position hen still needs her back stitching and body white. Hen 2nd position needs her body white, so I'm waiting to do all 3 at the same time. 

We will be going camping this weekend. Our first time out this summer. I'll have to go into my WIPs drawer and find a couple smalls to put into the camper. 


Both my 123 Stitch and Etsy orders came in this morning. 

These leaflets were from a seller on Etsy. I have ideas for recepients. The iguana, I would do for my mom. Perhaps as a tribute piece for Big Guy. Her iguana who passed a few years back.
The biblical piece might wind up as a church charity donation for their auction. Or I may forego the scripture altogether, stitch the couple & add a poem to the bottom.
The Hummel children I thought looked like little native kids, with their rounded faces - which would make them a perfect pair to do for my sons birth mother - who just had another 2 children. I haven't decided though for sure as we are on a civil/stormy relationship with that woman. 

Walk Softly looks to be the masculine pair for the Earth Mother piece I have on the go....but is a forever UFO. 

The middle cloth is a pale green. I know I picked these for a reason...but it wasn't for any of the patterns I got in this bundle so I'm not sure now.

The Cat-atude will be for one of 2 customer ladies. Both have strongly hinted at wanting a piece stitched for them and the mention of cats. I may just do it twice but in different colours. 

Mitten collector will be either for one friend...or another. It's a toss up. I may just wind up doing the Collector & Friends up in a similar finishing method. Neither are really pieces I'm driven to do multiples of.  

I thought the little kokeshi friends one was adorable. It will go perfect in my bookcase shelf with all my Asian themed books. 

Again, the photograph makes it had to distinguish but the cloth is a ecru w/ a darkened embossing. The Trees and Me pattern display model shows it on a  light blue-green cloth with similar patterning emphasizing the leaves/sky shadowing. I couldn't find a blue so this ecru one will have to do.

And a bundle of Anchor. I couldn't remember what the reason for these was as I normally buy DMC. They don't even match up to the patterns I've shown here.....then, as I was sorting flyers for the boxes, I remembered! 💡Oh! Mary! A customer (Mary) has a thing for the boxer breed of dogs. She currently has 3, + other dogs, on her farm. I have a pattern in one of my magazines that is a row of boxer dogs that I thought would be prefect for her. That pattern calls for anchor these brown shades. Mental mystery solved. 😊

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