Monday, 24 August 2015

August 24, 2015: Last Pattern Splurge

This will be my last FUN IN THE MAIL cross stitch post for the year now that all my monies are tied up else where. Will be a good thing though so I can actually get on track (? Hopeful face).

Iced Tea to be stitched on Jazz. FYI if anyone is interested in buying Steeped Tea, let me know. I am a consultant.

Love the witches brew. I have a couple others & once they're done I might group them all together.
This Wisdom will be stitched on Dill. I think it will be a Christmas gift but I'm not sure for whole yet.

Wonderful World came across as rustic enough for the cabin - so I may set it up for that later on next year.

Snapshot will be for the Camper. I'll remove the word June though. Stick shift is a requested piece for a teacher's EA. SHE requested it...haha, not that the kids think her wicked ;)

And another witchy stitch for me. For down in the laundry room.

These 2 bookmarks were inexpensive and I loved the prefab ribbon designs on them. Little flower holder girls are cute to.

This Am I worked on Dino DNA but forgot to bring the blue with me when I came back from lunch.

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