Sunday, 23 August 2015

August 23, 2015: Spooky Tree Complete

Tada. Done. 

This weeks goals will be to finish off Crumble & do a couple animal advent ornaments. I've printed off the patternsand have the colours needed for the floss picked out.

It's going to be a hectic week. I know there's something tomorrow but I can't recall what. Tuesday night is dance AGM. Wednesday I need to get a police chec done for the landlord of the apt I'll be renting for my eldest son. I still need to come up with enough money for the full 1st mths rent. I have the DD and part of the rent..... But I'm panicking a bit as I'm trying to come up with 2 mths worth of wages in a weeks time. 

FYI if you ever thought govt jobs pay lots - it's a farce. As a PM provided facility I have to pay rent & bills out of my own pocket. Once that is done, the amt left is $8 less then what min wage is here in Alberta. And w/ no benefits. 6 yrs and still no benefits.

Thursday i travel to the city; hand over the info sheets & give the dd to the landlord. *fingers crossed she gives me the keys that day.* it would be so much more helpful if I could start rounding up furniture for him early. 

There's something Friday....can't remember that either. 

And somewhere in there I have to go down the school and enroll the kids/ sort their schedules for this year. 

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