Monday, 17 August 2015

August 17, 2015: Moan Able Mondays

Thankfully it's nice an sunny outside today. We spent the weekend camping w/ hubs friends and it rained the whole time. It was deeply chilled and depressing to not see the sun. Kids were miserable & the dogs weren't much better. 
The friends were testy too. The wife wa upset because she thought I deleted her from FB. I in turn thought it was she who did the list cleanse. Misunderstanding in the end - reestablished names on lists & were moving on. Hubs and pal relived their glory hockey days & early bar excursions....😑

I left after a bit as the details of the stories tend to change and it's more BS then I can handle. So Hiding out in the camper I got a bit of stitching in on the Hobbit menu, until the skein I brought ran out & some of the Spooky Tree.

Customers are all in cranky moods today too. *le sigh* going to try and finish off the spooky tree. I've only got the jack o lantern & base left to go. 

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