Monday, 18 May 2015

Year End

The end of school is quickly approaching. As the children have aged, I don't have to make so many year end gifts for teachers and their classroom helpers. Part of me misses that connection, but as all 4 are in high school they don't really have favorite teachers to gift items too (and to not have it seem weird). I have 2 items I'm working on though. One is for my dance instructor. She's my daughters as well, but this is the first year that she had put on an adult class. We only have to perform in one of the 3 performances this coming weekend but it was still a fun time and she will probably put on another class next year. *fingers crossed she brings back the tap class as well*
I couldn't find a pattern that met the needs I was looking for so last night I used an image I found online to eyeball a design and used my PCStitch program to craft it up. A silhouette of a jazz dancer with a bola hat and cane. I"m stitching it on sparkly aida. Our song is Michael Buble's  "Feeling Good", so I have that added to the side in red. Hopefully I can get it finished by Sunday. I started the actual stitching this morning. 

This is the outline with some shading in done. From the shoes to the belt will be solid black. The shirt will have small spaces which infill either leave blank as the cloth is sparkling (see below image), fill it in with filament thread or shiny beads. 

Another image to show how glittered the cloth is.

The next gift item I'm working on is for their kids bus driver. The word Tranquility is in tri-colour, with dragonflies and flowers. The blossoms along the bottom are in bead work. That is being stitched on a piece of Jazz aida cloth.

May 20: edited to show update in continous post.

So I worked on filling in the spaces all afternoon and evening after dance class. Approx 5 hrs it took. But she's finally filled in!!
Now I just need to find a frame. I think I will have the ladies all sign the mat once I have it & present this to Jen on Friday @ our finalé.

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