Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Fun in the Mail

An order arrived today! 

I had plans for these fabric choices however the Shale which even looks mildly brown isn't. It's a light purple. Less so then DaVinci. The Ale is a muddy brown colour as well not a golden swirl like advertised. I understand from previous purchases that colours shown are not always a match due to the dying process, that doesn't stop the slight disappointment however. I'll just be using it for something else instead the .

The blue Aida I bought to do this Bear Fishing is a better match, though darker then anticipate. Hopefully the blue threads required don't melt into the cloth though. This piece I will do for a customer whose nickname is (Mistahimaskwa ) 'Grizzly'.

The Relief black bear is intended for my husbands birthday next month. It was suppose to be done in the Shale Aida.......

I really like the Remember piece. This photo makes it look darker then the floss choices are. It's quite bold.

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