Day 24 & 25 - Weekend Stitches

whoops - left the Chicken trio at the office. No biggy, I'll jut put some work into another project. The kitty litter box piece I started this summer was on top of the drawer pile so I'll put some work into that. It's actually 2 patterns mixed from the same Cattitudes book. The cat (a tabby) I'm stitching looks like our girls but I liked the "litter box" phrase from another so swapped the words around. The plan is to hang it above our litter box once it's finished. Perhaps a reminder for the kids to help out with scooping? Hahahahaha 

The completed right side, white of the face and green mat are what I had previously done before setting it aside.

Sunday night I started another gift exchange project for the 2015 family Xmas. You can't tell from this photo but it is being stitched on a gold sparkle Charles Craft Aida. This one is going to be all in blue (803) but I will be stitching it twice more. One in red (814) for our kitchen and one in green (895) as another gift exchange. I need to have at least 4 stitched pieces for the exchange to cover each of my immediate family members participating. It's a pattern I bought off of Etsy. 


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