Monday, 18 May 2015

Day 20 - Chicken x3

Chicken Trio A few years ago (2013) I had gifted some chickens to a friend of mine. She is a big collector of chicken figurines & trinkets. She was very excited. However it turns out that she's allergic to them. Who knew? Well turns out SHE did as she later admitted how she knew she was reactive to other birds but didn't think that they would effect her. So I started to stitch this trio for her. I miscounted a stitch on "middle chicken" and when I finally found it, was disappointed because it would mean frogging the whole 100+ stitches I just accomplished. So I set it aside until I had patience to alter the bird slightly to work (and like all works I themingly set side, it became another sad item in my ever growing pile).  Well No More will these feathered friends be left in the coop. I have all the colours needed & I started on "right side chicken" today. I have her almost complete. With any luck she will be finished tomorrow and I can work on "left side chicken", who, based on the tail feathers is actually a rooster. Once he's finished I'll go back and attempt to mend the saddened "middle chicken".

 During lunch break (and then again after work because the 2 hrs I put into sorting wasn't enough) I took down the 2 bins of my stash and began the daunting task of getting all the floss separated out. It was again intermingling and needed drastic untangling & a little guess work at certain #s as their sleeve had slide off. I then put them into numerically ordered baggies. The zip lock bags also came in handy for containing all the projects I came across still needing attention. I labeled those as well.

I have an old wooden dresser that I've recently converted into my cross stitch holding cell. It needs a sanding and reprinting but that won't happen until warmer weather. The top drawer has been designated to hold all these floss bags. I seen some plastic containers at the loonie store the other day which might work better but I have to measure the draw vs # of boxes I'll need before I go ahead and change everything around. 

 Drawer 2 now has all my UFO's, WIP's & recently purchased wanna-starts for 2015. Some have their required colours already sorted into the bags, some do not. Either way, should I get the need to start something - I will look in there first. Like my 'Heartwarming Wreath' 

 Drawer 3 has all the aida fabric.  Drawer 4 has a mishmash of oddities & notions. I put all the unused magazines back on the bookshelf where they belong. My closet looks a lot more bare.

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