Saturday, 24 January 2015

Day 24 & 25 - Weekend Stitches

whoops - left the Chicken trio at the office. No biggy, I'll jut put some work into another project. The kitty litter box piece I started this summer was on top of the drawer pile so I'll put some work into that. It's actually 2 patterns mixed from the same Cattitudes book. The cat (a tabby) I'm stitching looks like our girls but I liked the "litter box" phrase from another so swapped the words around. The plan is to hang it above our litter box once it's finished. Perhaps a reminder for the kids to help out with scooping? Hahahahaha 

The completed right side, white of the face and green mat are what I had previously done before setting it aside.

Sunday night I started another gift exchange project for the 2015 family Xmas. You can't tell from this photo but it is being stitched on a gold sparkle Charles Craft Aida. This one is going to be all in blue (803) but I will be stitching it twice more. One in red (814) for our kitchen and one in green (895) as another gift exchange. I need to have at least 4 stitched pieces for the exchange to cover each of my immediate family members participating. It's a pattern I bought off of Etsy. 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Transport for 2

Finished Monaco. I seen a frame that might work at a local store and will need to buy it next time I'm there. The recipient's birthday isn't for another few months though.


I started a 'Horse Pals' piece for a friend of mine. She just lost her horse and has a broken heart mending.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Day 14 (waking hours)

I found an 817 so was actually able to do more on Monaco, started adding some of the back stitching.

Began Scotty dog: he's again on baby blue, I wish the cloth colour would show up properly in my iPad photos.

And Skunk: who is being stitched on 14ct Moss. (A green)

*Silent Mind Mumbles*

When I was younger, elementary age to be a little more specific, my parents played host to a few Chinese exchange students. I had the biggest crush on Stanley. Slim with sinewy muscles always smiling & he had this spicy smell to him. I swore in my little girl mind that I was going to marry him. Of course that never happened. I married a big, very Caucasian man. Infact the only guy I ever dated that wasn't bleach white was a jerk from Chilé in grade 8.  (No brush stroking his behaviour with the country, it's just facts. He was from Chilé and sported an attitude). Seems funny now to think back.

My draw to China, or at least the westernized idea of China, didn't lessen though. It's always been there hiding in the back like my own little dream. As I aged, my teenage brain dream occupation was to become a midwife, perhaps moving into a remote area to help smaller communities. This was old age midwifery not newly informed stuck in a clinical building ob/gyn. (That didn't happen either). In my 'save the world, be eco friendly, go green' young mind I thought of adopting. I had a lot of love to give, surely someone out there would benefit from that. I had 3 kids naturally. 

Now as my eldest has turned 18 and no longer living at home, the baby bug is back. Okay so It never eased up over the years (hence my collection of pets. It was my hubby's way of soothing the baby desire) so it's a good thing I can't carry babies anymore or we might find ourselves on a "crazy baby lady" show. Or still be in competition with my SIL & hubby (they have 6).

My obsessional book genre of late has been just that: international adoption. It will never happen for me. I'm not daft enough to think otherwise, but in my husband is big on travel ideas. We've never gone anywhere but the ideas are there. He's got a lot of negative comments on traveling to certain countries. I've mentioned waiting to go to China, he shot that down by telling me all the terrible things about it (a place he's never been too either) and how I wouldn't like it because of various reasons. Then in the same breath tell me about the experiences of coworkers and how they sounded cool. Frustrating. 

I've thought about doing international humanitarian trips. (He had reasons why that would be a terrible idea as well). I don't think I could visit any of the orphanages though. My heart would break many times over with the inability to open my home to the children needing love. 

What I do have is a FB newsfeed is full of posts from Half The Sky, author Kay Bratt, Sprout Tops, Ladybug Love. What I do have are 2 delightful girls I sponsor from Mongolia through WV. What I do have are flash cards, CDs and downloaded apps to help me learn to speak Mandarin. What I do have is a newly arrived cabbage patch baby😋.


Meet Neroli Ting. She smells sweetly of baby powder. I don't remember CB babies being so big though. She's the same size a regular newborn would be. Her name means Graceful Orange Blossom.

Day 14 - insomnia continues

Last year, my quiet little office suffered 3 break ins and a vandalism. The first 2 times things were stolen. Not grand things but things none the less. The 1st time the majority of it was my own personal effects (CDs,a small speaker, some nicknacky items) with a few packages belonging to customers. The second time there was a fair bit of damage, a few pieces of mail (govt cheques). The 3rd time there was so much damage it took full paycheques to mend my office.
The kicker to being that since my office is by contract a "PM supplied" facility - it means I am responsible for not only finding a place for the office, but for paying all the bills, rent, utilities, repairs and maintenance out of personal pocket. These break ins have done a ding on my personal income for my family contribution as I've had to use my pay cheques to mend the broken items. Canada
Post finally came around and provided me with an alarm system (which I had not had in place before as this is the 1st times in the last 7 years I've been here! Plus, again, it would have been an additional cost from out of my own pocket to do so.) police have caught the culprits of the 3 break ins but not yet told me any info on it beyond that in the last 2 incidents, they were minors and therefore cannot give out the information. Total Crock I think! They should at least tell me what the consequences are. Ease my mind and those of my customers!

The vandalism came after the alarms were installed. Police figure it's inexperienced children due to the height of the damage. I have yet to hear back if any of their leads panned out.

My mind is very busy. I've certain ice declared this bit before. It's crafty and imaginative and cluttered. Add in the panic of coming into work and not knowing what I'm going to find-----and its an active brain disaster. Hence the insomnia. My homeopathic Dr had me on some lovely hormone levelling supplements. Partly for the insomnia, but also for weight loss, thyroid adjusting & allergies. They were working, however in Dec my GP ran my normal blood panel, found nothing out of the ordinary, called the homeopathic a quack and told me to stop my supplements. Which I did...and I've not slept a full night since. Case in point - it's 3 am here. I need to wake up in 4.5 hrs to go to work and I've yet to bed down.

Stitching is speeding along on the Monaco piece though.

It will be on pause today (once the real day begins) as I need to hunt down the remaining colours required.

I will take Scotty dog #5 with me to work. Ooooh! If you're not yet aware by having recieved the notice email ~ Brooke's Books has a Lot Sale going on right now. I'll admit I gave in and placed an order. But it was too good to pass up. For $77 (a little more with the Cdn vs Us exchange + s&h) I will be getting 40 patterns. Regularly priced at $300 for all of them. Here's the link if you should which to get them yourselves.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Weekend Updating (Day 10-13)

This weekend I went to the city to get the threads I needed but they didn't have many of the ones I needed either. I finished making 2 of the ornaments into, well ornaments. I tried a different style using a foam base but didn't like how messy it still looked on the backing.

Both the recipients were appreciative though so that's a bonus. Floyd even pointed out how he still has the magnet & framed kiss I've given him previous years. I also was able to finish off Peter, Mary & Hatty.

I started work on my neighbours birthday piece. Her birthday isn't until June so I've got a while yet but I want to get as many things done before I lose interest or life gets busy. 

I'm not sure where some of the pages I had copied went of my Horse Welcome, so I will have to locate the main pattern so I can recopy it. I did have the 2nd 1/2 of the word 'welcome' so was able to stitch that in.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Day 9 - Stitching 9

A little bit of bead work. The pattern is called <u>Rustic Wreath</u> I see little multi shaded red beads. 

Insomnia....bringing needle an thread together for hours at a time. My brain is very active at the calmest of times, but this past month, witha 4th break in at my place of work & the continued court visits that follow, my mind is in over drive and I can't settle.

I've done a lot of catching up on my NCIS DVDs. I recieved the full 10 seasons a while back,recently  started at the beginning & I'm 1/2 way through season 9 now. I'm so tired at the start of the day that it's muddled & my balance is off. Missed the last 3 steps coming down from my room this AM. Good thing the wall was RiGhT tHeRe to break the momentum of the stumble. 

Went to the fabric store yesterday for my floss but they didn't have any of the colours I needed - so it means going to the city this weekend for them (+ a few other things). I have a Michael's gift card to spend.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Day 8 - Stitching 8

First off....some <u><b>FUN IN THE MAIL!</u></b>

My order from 123Stitch arrived. There were a few winter themed ones since we're still very deep into this frosty season. 

There were a few shades of grey-green Aida for other projects I would like to do this year.

Alice in wonderland for my daughter. I plan to add her favorite quote to it as well.

Various "trip locales" I'd like to go to.....

And a Raven for myself.

This is today's Stitched Piece. Keeping with my freebies aim, this one is also from Brooke's Books. It's called St. Patrick's Shamrock. I changed it up slightly by using 2 colours instead of just 1. 

Day 7 - Stitching 7

Insomnia sucks. It does however allow me stitching time. Though it seems to be equal parts stitching and frogging. Grrr. Guess my brain isn't quite as functional when it's pretending to not want to sleep. Tonight I did some work on Peter. I still haven't relocated all my colours so his sweater isn't complete. Tomorrow I shall swing though town and stop by the thread shop. Hopefully they got more stock in. Not many people stitch in our community so she's not super quick with refilling the drawers.

I'll also need to give Mary Mouse (started today) the rest of her tutu.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Day 5/6 - Stitching 5 & 6

My husband gets into these cleaning moments.....and stacks of carefully selected colours, which to the unstitching eye look like piles of floss, were taken from where I *admittedly* had laying on the arm of the couch (which was were I was stitching before he came home) and "tidied" them up. So I've had to go on a floss finding expedition for the ones I need for these 2 ornaments.

I started Peter Polar Bear yesterday. He's being done on baby pink Charles Craft.

 Hattie Hedgehog (being done on the baby blue) was started today

Day 3 -Stitch 3

I seem to always be stitching pieces for that extended connection. Those friends of friends or siblings of siblings....this piece is no different. My older brother (I only have 1 older sibling. The other 6 are younger), his best friend (& wife) just had son #2 on New Years Day. I've know since fall that they were expecting so i had started stitching already, I just needed to finish off the ribbon, the 2 leaves, do the back stitching and add Name & DOB.

Congratulations Mark & Shawnasi.

Day 4 - Stitch 4

Finally! I've been trying to capture the blue of the ornaments I've been stitching but it always comes out faded like the photo below. I have a few packages of this baby blue (as well as baby pink which will be used shortly for some of the other ornaments to change up the colour base).

This is complimentary pattern from Plum Pudding NeedleArt. Designer is Barbara Cooley.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Day 2 - stitch 2

Pierre is complete. I altered the lines for the bow tie to make it a more slender collar and gave him bluer eyes. He looks like he throughly is enjoy the party. Haha

Started Fa La La & added back stitching, as well as adding the baby name to Cute as a Bug.

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