Tuesday, 29 December 2015

December 2015 - Collection of Gifts

Slumping everything into one post so that I can keep a recollection of who got what this year (mostly so I don't accidentally gift a repeat quick stitch ornament to the same person should I do them again next year.....like the Grumpy Cats from Brooke Nolan).

 Darren's Mermaid - Sue Hillis Designs:
I took the glass out as it pressed up against the charm & I didn't want it to crack the glass.  

MIL's St. Nick & Owl is now framed in this rustic looking navy frame I purchased at Michaels. Hubby suggested a frame with a kick out arm so that his mom could display it, but put it away after the season & not need to search for a sliver of wall space on her already heavy walls.

I gave Guy his Fleece on Earth..... I couldn't really read his reaction. It was either amused or confused. I'm sure once he has the weekend to mull it over he may get the joke aspect of it.

Floyd thanked me for his ornament & declared it would go on his fridge with the rest of the ones I have given him.

I relocated my Aunt Coleen's Grumpy Cat from last year & did up her new one for this year. I mailed them both off to Florida.

I snuck Allen's ornament into a card & put it into his mailbox. I think that's one the more fun parts of my job. Gifting people mail into their boxes, not just from me but in general. The surprised expressions some people get from recieving REAL mail not just flyers or bills. My customers really dislike those envelopes with the windows that's for sure. Most common heard joke is "want to pay my bills for me".....um. no. I already pay for the PO's bills out of pocket as well as my eldest son's apartment. Which was suppose to be a temperary thing but has now been the norm. 
In the end, while I wasn't originally impressed,  I think this one was my favorite ornaments for turn out this year as far as finishing technique went.

Then there was the Scotty Dog, for Warren. He picked up his card from the mail & just grumbled a Thank You as he shuffled out the door. I'm sure he sat inside his truck & opened it there in privacy. *roll eyes* Silly farmers. 
[ turns out he wasn't as thrilled with the dog as I thought and hasn't spoken to me since]

Dad's gift: Rustic Barn 

Ronnie's rifle: he's going to do up a frame for it himself.

Barry's Christmas cutie he kept asking Mrs Claus for 😉

Couple people got these in their mail boxes: I made 6.

Andrea's Horse Welcome (Stoney Creek)

Sunday, 6 December 2015

December 6, 2015

We survived the mall!!!!! Thank goodness it wasn't too busy. Girls had a blast in the water park. They only played in there for 3 hrs despite it being so sparse..we thought they'd at least do 4. Then they wandered the stores buying their friendship Christmas gifts. 

Hubby drove so I was able to stitch while the girls were their hilarious selves in the back seat. I finished Ronnies rifle & started 2 more of the Xmas stitching quickies. 

I also picked up a few mounting boards from Walmart on our way out of the city and framed the Rustic Barn.

The grey weathering of the frame matches closely th weathering of the barn so yay. 😊

Saturday, 5 December 2015

December 5, 2015 - Final Pattern Shop of the Year

Hopefully this will be my last splurge shop before the end of the year....Right? I recently resigned up for the Stoney Creek newsletter. BAD IDEA! There was a freebie pattern in the latest edition to hit my email. Then I had to peruse the rest of the sale items & before I knew it I had a basket of smalls ordered. (* u *) Whoops.

The Freebie which lured me in was the Dec '15 Pattern Of The Month  "Live ~ Black Swallowtail". Then I wound up with both the Autumn & Winter 2015 magazines. As well as the POTM's for :
  1. Nov '12       "Take Time for Yourself".
  2. Oct '12        "Life is a Journey"
  3. Jan '13         "Listen to Your Dreams"
  4. Feb '13        " Love With an Open Heart"
  5. Nov '14       " Life is a Gift"
  6. Dec '14       " Live Every Moment"
  7. Jan ' 15       " Share From Your Heart" 
  8. Mar '15      "Remember Who You Are"

I didn't get much stitching in today as I was helping over at the community centre for their Christmas Party catering. I really didn't do much, the 3 main farm ladies did all the actual cooking & prep work for the desserts; but for whatever reason the ladies had requested I be there to help & so I went. One of the other ladies didn't know why she was there either with so little to do. My 4 things I did were to make an icing glaze & put it on a cake they had already baked. Cut the buns in 1/2. Help pull the food down the hall for the dinner, buffet style so there wasn't even any serving required. And dishes at the end.

That. Was. All.

Daughter is having a sleep over tonight as part of her Bday party. So in the afternoon, I excused myself from the kitchen & took her to town to get pizza & hit up the loonie store. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are now carrying DMC floss! Granted I wasn't impressed that each skein was $1.05 but now I know if the fabric shop does not have a colour I can look there. Fabric shop is 79c/skein.

Tonight I have done some work on Ronnie's rifle. Only 320 more stitches to fill and then I can do the back stitching. *thumbs up* I will need to get some mounting boards & a frame.
 Tomorrow we will be going to the city to take the girls to the water park as per daughter dearests request.  Hubby took the boys into the city today for their early bday party funs. Boy child #2 brought 2 of his friends & blew most of his bday money on games at the arcade & the rest on junk food. Typical, almost 17 yr old boys. Basement dweller (Boy child #3) just wandered around the mall with his dad. While they are off on water slide adventures we shall wander the mall, people watch & hopefully find some Christmas gifts for the kids. (and a frame for Ronnie's piece).

Monday Nov 30, 2015 - Horses of Course (es)

TLast day of November. Everyone ready for December and the Chaos that it brings? Daughter & I wrapped up all the gifts for hubby's side of the family and put them into a box so that he can bring them up with him on his next work stint. I just need to get a frame for my MIL's piece, and am waiting on the 2 hoodies I purchased for 2 of the nieces from our dance society. They should be in sometime at the end of the week we've been told. We also did up my elder brothers family gifts. I've got to get frames for both his & my SIL's pieces (& finish off the Horse Welcome for her) before I can mail those out. We drew names for my In-Provence siblings & those 2 gifts have been wrapped up too. That's what I've been working on today. Horses are done, minus back stitching. The word "Welcome" is done, minus back stitching & now I'm working on the grass.

Few steps closer. *squee*

[Dec 5/15]

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Week of November 22 - 28, 2015


Whoop! Guy's "Fleece on Earth" has been completed. Its bigger a design then I had envisioned & will be more likely a table/wall thing rather then a tree decoration.

More work on the Horse Welcome & Ronnie's Rifle. I've gridded the stock to break up the monotony of the brown. Between these 2 pieces I'm working with 6 different browns.

My MIL is an enormous Christmas buff. Her house explodes with overwhelming regalia for the season. Every room has their own tree, of varying sizes. EVERY ROOM. This year hubby's room (because he lives with his folks while works & actually spends more time up there then down here....) has a Star Wars theme'd tree. Which is fitting since he's recently taken up model making of the fleet. He has this festiveness rubbed off on him so while he was home this stint he put up our Xmas lights. Now our place looks like a little gingerbread house again. I love this photo w/ the moon at (almost) full over head. <3


So as to not have Ronnie accidentally come in and see what I'm working on before its time to gift his piece to him, I have brought over another small ornament to pass the time on while at the office. I started Warren's little scotty dog this afternoon. He had this cute & hyper little poodle/something mix dog this summer. I *think* his name was Fred. Alas, he's young life was even more shortened when the daft pooch went after a tractor tire. This scotty dog looks a bit like the pup - so I'm aiming to bring good thoughts to Warren, who has become more sullen (If that was at all possible) since his companion passed.

I should have gone with a darker cloth. This is a smidge too light to have the Snow White show up as dramatically as it could have.

I've also put in some starter stitches for Mr.Battrick's violin.

At the nudging of hubby, I pulled out my Christmas Village today during lunch. There were 2 foot candy cane ornaments in the Bins that will go outside and complete the candy coated look of our house. My neighbour and I were joking about how we could use our extra lights to decorate random neighbours houses that have proclaimed laziness will over power their festive light display abilities. We would just be ninja sneaky in the night and BAM! Wake up to festive-mischief. 😜 I know we have extra white lights....they are the only other house on our street with decorations up right now. She's got a little girl so their front yard it all done up in Olaf & Elsa. ;)


Today I took a break from work & went a little farther south then the city to visit with some friends. I'd actually booked a massage w/ the wife of the couple we went to visit at her spa. It was the 1st time I've ever gone to a professional massage therapist. After getting over the slight awkwardness of having someone I know, who wasn't my husband, touching my flesh it was really helpful. She was able to get rid of some of the knots I knew I had & *painfully* discovered more that I did not know of until that moment. I brought a few smalls with me to keep my eyes off the road while hubs drove. The roads weren't as terrible as they could be for an Albertan winter, but was we got further south there was an increasing number of vehicles in the ditch as they were hit with the snow that we, thankfully, were not. 

I was able to finished off Warren's "Merry Christmas Scotty Dog" - Ladybug Designs.  I extended the snow by 2 rows so that I could have space to stitch in the year. The white shows up fine after all. I'm happy with the colours.

 I also finished off another one of Brooke Nolan's Animal Advent characters. These will be ornaments for my own little table top tree. Pearly Pig (#8)


I called the elementary schools this morning & reminded them that if they were wanting to get their Santa letters sent out this year, that they should do so soon. There are only 2 weeks left and I've yet to get a single one from the classes. In fact, I've only had 6 letters for Santa pass through my office this year. SIX! Perhaps parents are waiting until December 1st? I'm not sure - but last year I processed over 500 letters. Once they start though I know my stitching time will reduce dramatically while I help Santa process his return letters. ;) HoHoHo.

I've cut a few pieces of plain white aida so I can stitch a few quick stitches. For those people who grumble I didn't make them an ornament - they can have one of these one. *snicker*

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Week of Nov 15 - 21, 2015

I finished off Allen's Ornament. I'm not 100% satisfied with the technique (creators critical eye) but will do better for the next ones. I also put in some stitched on my FIL's Majestic Deer later on in the evening. 


Today I spend 5 hrs sitting at a table at a craft/Christmas gift sale selling my Steeped Tea. Realistically the word is "attempting to sell" as I managed to sell a whopping 4 teas.  Which is disheartening and yet still better then last year when I only sold 2. That didn't even make enough to cover the table cost. *sigh* I became a consultant because I like to drink tea, and with my large population of tea drinking granny - farm ladies I thought I would fill a niche. However that's not the reality. I've actually spent way more buying teas, product & paying for the website that nobody actually visits -  then any income I've been lead to believe I could make as a consultant. In the end I've got a lot of product....but no buyers. And with our food allergies, there are many types that I am unable to drink to validate the costs of my stock.

The flow of people was also incredibly quiet. It was a nice location. I may go back next year just to see what is there. I managed to finish off the last bit of 2 nephew reindeer and now just need to do the back stitching. Finish Chilly Penguin & get almost everything finished on St. Nick's Owl.


Busy day at work - not much for stitching. Just a few lines for the Ivy ornament. Followed by Jazz dance in the evening. 


Fun in the Mail!
I received an exciting package today with cloth & patterns. 2 of the patterns are meant as customer ornaments. I've started the 1st one today....I couldn't resist. *squee* I'm stitching the "Good Wool" on a scrap of Dark Moss aida.

I wasn't able to find the Christmas violin pattern in my magazines I thought I had, so Ordered one by Dimentions. The majority of it is in 1/2 stitches so I don't think it will take too long. 

Printed off a couple gratuity patterns from their corresponding websites to do and put in some work on Ronnie's rifle.


The winds were scary angry last night. As I look out the window the snow is still blowing around. I feel as if we're in a snowglobe. There is a crew from the company Sommerville doing gas line work around the community. They were to have started (according to their notice) the 2nd week in October having finished up by mid November. Well they started work yesterday. All of our vehicles have to be parked in the front of our homes now....which now that there is snow, is right where the plow has to go. Hopefully no ones vehicles get damaged. We've gotten scratched the last 2 winters we've lazily decided to park in the front. We have a 2ndary hwy that runs through the middle of town & while the speed limit is 50km; the big trucks do much faster than that. (We've been trying to petition with ABHWY's to reduce the speed to 30 because we have no sidewalks & there are little kids everywhere. If Dunstable & Busby are able to get theirs lowered there should be no reason for the negative decision we were given.) Their new notice, put out last night says they will take 3 weeks to complete their work. The ground is frozen right now so I imagine it will take longer then that estimate. There's also the fear that come the spring, the holes this frozen dirt will be pushed back into will cause sink holes around town. 

Finished St.Nick & Owl.


Doing some heavy work on my SIL's Horse Welcome. Eek....gotta get this one done Christmas is only 5 weeks away & this still needs to travel cross country.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Friday November 13th, 2015....Ooohhh Spoooky

I've made slow progress on the nephew's reindeer. I have left them at home & have started an Ivy block for another customer that I stitch a bit of at the office. I need to find a few missing colours and then back stitching. Plus,  I've been busier at work (go figure, people actually wanting to mail stuff out!) I even had the first Letters For Santa arrive to send up to the North Pole. ;)

I spoke to my youngest sister the other day, she let me know the kids school photos had arrived and that I wasn't to feel poorly we weren't doing any big spending for Christmas this year ~ as I had apologized in my letter. She did ask that maybe I make a 1st Yule banner for Zavier as I had done for Zyla's 1st Samhain. I let her know about these reindeer ornaments & she seemed appeased. She let me know that our other sister was trying again w/ her husband for a baby & perhaps I could think of a baby piece to stitch for her. I didn't want to do something & then have it come back as a further issue (ie: infertility) so I told her I wasn't comfortable with that, but would tweak their reindeer to be more on the cheeky side. So using my PCStitch program, I modified the reindeer to be a little more.....adult? And definitely more along our sisters personality.  LOL Hopefully Kate Mawdsley won't be offended w/ my crafty tampering of her innocent design.

I have picked out a Santa ornament design to do for Floyd & a Snowman one to do for Carl. Both are from the Dec 2010 Cross Stitcher magazine. I've also started Chilly Penguin (recipient I know yet). He will probably be my 'take along' piece for Sunday as I'm at the craft booth. Last year was crazy slow and I only make 2 sales (which didn't even cover my table cost). 

 Tomorrow I go to the city and while I'm there I plan to find a fabric store so that I can get some interface fusing, felt & matrerial so I can get my ornaments all finished up. 

Monday, 9 November 2015

November 9, 2015: Weekend Works

So the Casino volunteering went well. We lucked out and had a local guy (who has since made it to the bigger stages) playing in the band pit. Craig Moritz ~ Country singer. It passed the time & everyone on the floor seemed much more animated while live music was playing. It was lulled when his set was on break though.

7 & 8 hr shifts behind the glass left for lots of stitching time, people watching and stir crazy legs unfortunately.

I finished off Allan's "NOEL"

Both Marissa & Zyla's "Reindeer". I will be using a bead for the eyes as french knots are my nemesis. No matter how many times I've practiced them, they still wind up looking like a toddler knotted their shoe.  

Started Zavier & Bowen's "Reindeer"

And got a good portion of "Remember" stitched. 

I'm finding that the poppy's are looking more pink then red though w// the 2 melded threads. There was no variegated floss at the new fabric store that opened up here. I was disappointed to see how few things were actually in there. The dmc bins were the same ones that were from the old fabric shop. There were very low in stock & when I asked Alice (because she is now employed there now too) if they would be getting in anything else in as far as aida or variegated colours and she said no. Boooo. I know Morning Star has started carrying xstitch kits.....which at first upset me that they have been telling me for the last couple years that they wouldn't be bringing it in because its not popular a craft (they are heavily stocked for scrapbook & card stamping and in the last few months have started to bring carry Wilton's cake supplies). Barb only just announced she would be doing cross stitch kits (which makes sense since she also does framing) after Buttons Up opened up next door. However, if Alice is correct that they won't be supplying their xstitch crafters with supplies ~ I suppose my initial prickliness was misplaced. *sigh* Her floss is $0.89/skein. Still cheaper, even with shipping costs, to order from 123 Stitch (@$0.44/skein). 

Saturday was a hectic day. Despite it being a late night shift (we were done & back to the hotel for 3:30am both nights), I still woke up at normal morning hours. So I left mid morning to drive south towards home. It takes 3.5 hrs to get from where the casino commitment is held to home. Hung out at the house for a bit  and then drove to the city (2 hrs south) w/ the daughter to the Tim Hicks concert.

WiCkEd performance! If you haven't seen him/heard his songs, I encourage you to do so.

His bass/vocals was such a pretty man. I'd love to have flowing hair like that. Took a bit but it finally dawned on me that he reminded me of Bladezz from "The Guild" 

Daughter was happy that they played "Stronger Beer" at the end for the encore as it's the one song she knew all the words to.

Jason Benoit was the perfect paring for an opener act. I have had his 3 singles in repetitive rotation all day long. 

..... though I could've done without hearing the pessimistic, woman bashing attitude of Cold Creek County's songs. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

November 3, 2015 Post Halloween Coma

The kids are finally coming out of their candy induced comas. We didn't have many kids this year. Only 20. The girls took note of what spooky creatures arrived at our house & despite there being a small number, most of the kids had original outfits.

2 x Princesses                                              1 x Hockey Player
1 x Police (S.W.A.T)                                   1 x Ninja
1 x Minion                                                   1 x Elsa
1 x Storm Trooper                                       2 x Hunters
1 x Scare Crow                                            1 x Hulk
2 x Witches                                                  1 x Merida
1 x Banana                                                   1 x Cowboy
1 x Spiderman                                              1 x Cap't America

and 1 x "Box with a Face"........which I will assume is supposed to represent a "Robot" but as the girls were handing out candy bags I didn't see it to verify. Haha :p

It wasn't just the kids who were feeling the strain either. My pets are all highly nervous creatures. The dogs we had to put to bed early as the influx of people on their normally silent front door made them loopy. Especially our female border collie who, typical of BC behaviour, lost her mind absolutely & needed to be medicated. The cats are similar. Dusty ~ my solo male~  fretted so much that by the end of the night when he finally was able to relax, he threw up on my Fuzzy Friends piece which I had set on the end table.

So I shall be starting that one over again. (> ~ <) The colour key in the corresponding magazine is unfortunately not included. It just gives colours but not the DMC #'s. It'll will be fairly easy to determine (712, 739, 327...etc) just will be more effort.

Almost finished Niece #1's reindeer & started Niece #2's.

Started Allan's Noel ornament. I will be bringing this one and probably Remember up with me as my sit-n-stitch pieces while manning the booth during our casino fundraiser. Lots of sitting time for chip runner lol. 

 "Remember" will be for my Uncle (Mcpl) Donny. I know I won't be done it before Remembrance Day - But feel it important to get as much of it done for him as I can.  

Sunday, 1 November 2015

November 1, 2015

With the kids all feeling comatose from their ingestion of Halloween sugar & having stayed up late watching Halloween Town -  I was able to get some stitching down in the quiet hum of the house. 

I started & finished my aunts piece. It still needed a finishing technique applied though. I've put it in my "Completed Chest" so I don't misplace it like I did with her one from last year.

Fizzy Friends is also 1/2 way completed. For Janice & Darlene.

I've decided to stitch the "Night Before Christmas" reindeer from Dec's 2011 Cross Stitcher magazine as the monogrammed pieces as I haven't been able to find the cute snowmen I was hoping to do. 

December 2018 SAL Smalls

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