Sunday, 28 December 2014

Updating for 2015

Rarely do I log on via the computer this year and can not seem to update anything beyond a basic post using my mobile devices. So today I've actually taken the time to adjust my projects list page, adding items not currently listed, crossing off those that are complete and for my own sanity making sure to add the year they were finished as well as to whom they were intended/given. *Hopefully* this will keep 2015 on track. I'm not going to bother to try and follow a 'calendar of stitching completions' this year because 2014 was such a stressful year that I didn't manage to follow the one I had enthusiastically put in place. I was quite pleased with the amount of projects that did manage to reach fruition though. I've even gone and added a page that lists my projects PRE-Blogger (so before 2013). Holy Hannah! I didn't realize there were so many!!! 

There are a fair bit on those lists I'll definitely need to finish by next Christmas if we're hoping to participate in the White Elephant family gift exchange. I used to like when everyone did something crafty. Now it's just booze, on sale board games that will collect dust, random gift cards and barroom readers. There's nothing wrong with those on their own but it's fallen away from what it used to be and the excitement that used to come with opening a prized wooden artifact from the uncles or a painting from the aunts, knitted or crocheted items from Nanny & her generation....and since next year it's suppose to out at The Shire house (what my folks place is refered to) which is in the plunk of country & backwoods, I think they expect there to be a redesign to the gift giving. (Mom got a box of paper airplane paper this year. Imagine her enthusiasm).

I've also got my own "Wish List" pieces I want to do this year. 123stitch has already received my order so I'll have some of those parts (patterns that have sat on my wish list there for a while and have come down in price, cloth for the patterns I already have, floss, beads) arriving in the new year. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas is Fast Approaching

600 English & 38 French letters along with 85 Santa postcards have gone through my office this year! 

With the year being as chaotic and fretful as it has been in not really in the spirit of celebration. I continue to lag in my stitching and will once again have an over flow of starts/WIPs to roll over into 2015.

I did get some more Grumpy cats done. This litter went to Wes, Cheryl and my cousin Shannon.

I think I like the ones on the green cloth better. 

Neil's ornament was finished and given.

Did a little penguin for my cousin Denise.

And make a few other last year pieces into ornaments for this years giving, like the Inuit fisherman (for Janice).

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Christmas preps

I've switched to Christmas gift mode for the projects I've been bringing to work with me.

My MIL's is Santa themed. She's already itching to set up her decorations. It's some sort of sickness. Truly it must be haha.
This is what I've done this afternoon (I started it after lunch). Thus far it's Santa's sack. The pattern is: "St. Nicholas & Snow Owl" by Susan Brack being stitched on Christmas red 14ct Aida 

My SIL's "Horse Welcome" is coming along. Clearly not as quickly as it should have been w/ me distracting myself all over the place.

This "Blackberry & Apple Crumble" by Jane Henderson will either be for my great aunt or my neighbour.

And a "Majestic Stag" for my FIL to match the one I gifted him a few years ago.

An ornament for a customer. Need to construct it into a shape still

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ornament Starts

There are a few customers for whom I will be making ornaments for this year.

Brooke Nolan's freebie "MerryChristmas    Grumpy Kitty" is one such pattern I will be using.

For the pattern. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cute as a Bug - Finished

This is it sans stuffing. I forgot to snap a photo of it before I mailed it off after it was all plumped up.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Hello Baby

So Q received a baby sister and not a little brother in the end. *Surprize!!* I had to set aside the 'Cute as can Bee' and do 'Cute as a Bug' instead.

Just back stitching, a few hearts and a finishing technique left before it's complete and gift able. 

Back stitching done and now just to finish it off.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Schools back In Session

Having the summer off or at least remove from a schedule where more sleeping then functioning presided; I decided there needs to be a reminder of co-exisitent nicities. This piece fit what I was looking for.

Babies Arriving

There are a few people we know who are expecting soon. One such person is the soon to be little brother of my step sons little brother. It sounds more confusing then it is. H has 3 younger siblings, each of whom has there own father. Q, is one of the younger brothers, and it is HIS dad and stepmom who are expecting. They're very nice people and make a cute couple.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Summer Check In

Hola heat batman! Glad the summer is warm, even though I spend most of it indoors for work.

I finished a pillow for my brother in laws son. He just turned 4. 

I used a glow in the dark white for the eyes - I only stitched it in a single thread so hopefully it doesn't glow enough to be creepy. I doesn't show up here but the black area of the pillow has a web print to it. Design was from a free croix de pointe du jour site. I altered it to just be 5 simple colours instead of all the single blocks of multiple colours original charted (site uses a computer program to make charts from pixeled gifs). 

I've got an iris started for a friend of mine who just had her birthday 

I've got 2 others picked out to do, 1 for her town sister and 1 for another community member whose birthday is this coming Friday.

 Almost finished a 'Rustic Barn'. I had to re start one because it didn't seem to line up. Printed off the pages and reconfigured then to fit properly. 

My eyes have become more of a problem lately so I haven't been stitching much, though if you ask my customers they wouldn't know any difference as they see me many time stitching while I wait for someone. Mary (a customer) even brought me a booklet she had 'she doesn't stitch so why waste it if I could use it'.....nice gesture but I *wont* be using it as it's, well...really ugly!!!! Wool/ plastic canvas chart for an African theme. I think it's a late 70's early 80s publication. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

When you wish upon a star...

In need of portable small stitchings while we bounce around between meetings. I chose this small cow by Caroline Hofstede entitled 'Come Fly With Me'. I stitched it on a piece of sparkly white (which isn't very noticeable in this photo sadly) to give the appearance of sky bounding.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Month of Stress

Have children they said - It will fulfill your life they said...

It's too bad that all these large family promoters forgot to leave some of the key elements out. Like how having children is like having your heart wandering around on the outside of your body and you are at the mercy of all things good & bad that it can encounter.
They forgot to mention that there is more heart ache then you could ever imagine should your children get sick, hurt, in trouble, heart broken themselves. I don't recall my mother suffering a bleeding heart as much as I feel mine has been ruptured.
There was the debate of how it would be harder to raise a daughter then a son because you have to deal with the inevitable hormonal mood changes. I would like to tell those people they are very wrong. I have little issues with my teenage daughter. She likes sports & activities & is a good hearted person. The 3 sons on the other hand are a whirling tornado of chaotic emotions and stress because they feel they are being stifled by our parenting. In other words, we parent instead of the abandonment that their peers experience from their parentals. We involve ourselves in their lives because we love them & want to see them achieve their greatest potential. Not Be The Best but Be Their Best. These are 2 completely different things.

This being said - Mid March/April has felt very long in our household. My heart has been gauged and the ache is tremendous.  My eyes are in a constant state of reddening, dry & itchy from the tears that betray me and spill out. The saline acidity has worn a stinging streak down my other wise winter dry cheeks. I've stopped wearing eyeliner since it tends to have me looking raccooned by the time end of day approached.

Not much in way of stitching has occurred. Little bits here & there. I started 'Rosemary' & 'Harvest Helper' is almost done. I have printed off a few little projects hoping I can get them done faster then the bigger pieces that I feel Blah about working on.
 I have a Camping one w/ buttons that is almost finished  & I have started one for my Mother. To keep with something minimally productive, I have also gone onto Pintrest and started documenting the pieces w/in the multiple bookcases I have of cross stitching magazines & along with putting a sticky tab place marker, I have added to them to my "want to stitch" folder w/ all the other tempting pieces I come across.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

March 11, 2014

Family life has been quite chaotic the past while. I haven't done very much in way of progressive stitches. I have started a few pieces; cut out the cloth for others and rounded up a large collection of dmc for these future projects.
Did you know: that Michaels has a 200 items per sale limit? I know possess this first hand knowledge. I also find it very bizarre that for such a big crafting store, that their tills do not contain a 'quantity' button. Each skein (and more over any item being bought) has to be individually added. It would be much simpler to just go 3-quantity button-scanned item, or so forth. 
It made for lots of idle chatter time with the sales rep, who doesn't stitch but would like to eventually. Who doesn't know why they don't carry a better selection of leaflets (they used to I informed her) or material (because they're very low on that in stock as well). I just shrugged. Not much I can say when a business has decided to cut their craft down due to reduced interest.

I've put some blocks of colour into my SIL's Horses; have the overalls & dirt almost complete on my Harvest Helper; have the crow and some of the twisted branches done on the Heartwarming Wreath & completed The Clipper. Plus another 'sneaky library return' bookmark for the book "The Lost Wife" by Alyson Richman

I started the Celtic Cross AND finished it today. It was a very slow morning. Surprisingly so considering it was a balmy Albertan +3.

Week end - Month End

As you can see, the Clipper is complete. It only took a day to do. Stitched on off white Aida.

Began work on Harvest Helper.

Husband was kind enough to buy me some white Aida while in the city earlier this week which will be used for some of the other pieces selected in the 'Me March' post.

I've also gotten farther along on my Welcome Horses piece.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Me March

I have decided that March shall be all about pieces for ME. I went through a bunch of the magazines in my collection and picked out 7 projects that once complete will stay here at home.

From McCalls Needlework ('93)
* Rosemary
* Borage

From BH&G ('91)
* Plant a Bright Future

From For the love of Cross Stitch ('91)
* Clipper Ship

From Stitchery Magazine ('98)
* Santa's Midnight Flight

From For the love of Cross Stitch ('94)
* Radish

From the BH&G ('90)
* Harvest Helper

Saturday, 22 February 2014

End of the week

I completed Whale in a bottle - it's cute but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Could be a framed piece or a pillow. Granted it would be a bit better if I had a place for it to go (or recipient).

At work I've also been adding stitches to my SILs bday piece in between reading a variety of books from my local library. I've also stitched a few bookmarks for said books. That way when I return them, there is the added gift inside for the next reader to discover. We have a small library so many of our books arrive from other equally small libraries via request from tracpac. 
Like these 2. 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Quiet Monday

There was very little flow of people today. Most figured that being Family Day, the PO would be closed, however it's a provincial not a federal holiday so I was open. It did allow for lots of stitch time though. 

I had to frog out South America ( was off by a stitch). I will have to buy another 471 as it has gone AWOL to complete Earth's dress. 

I also put in a bunch of stitches into "whale in a bottle", started on some of the back stitching too. 

And for Boy #2, started stitching Germany. He's very interested in all things German ATM. Whether it's historical linage got him pumped or the continuous dicpictation of the country as a whole during the war on tv, either way he's been listening to his "how to speak German" CDs he got for Christmas 2 yrs ago and has been talking about going on a trip there once he's an adult. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy 'Early birthday'

My husbands bday isn't until next mth but both his gifts are done so I wanted to give them to him now incase he winds up not coming home for his actual day due to work.

The first part was his new canopy. I had to convince him I needed HIS truck (not my dad's as he suggested I just use to go fetch his gift from the city haha) so he came home early instead of taking more OT days so I could do it, then wouldn't let me drive his truck so he had to come with me. Spoil sport. Men are fickle to read on how excited they are on a gift until they start bragging so I'll have to wait til he sees friends to show it off to before i get to see how successful the gift is.

TaDa!! Running board steps and a front grill are next but they'll have to wait until I save up money. So perhaps a wedding Anni gift?

The second was the fall coloured cross stitch.

I like the look of it from afar. The reflection is quite neat, up close however you can definitely pinpoint the era (published 1989) by style.

It's leaflet #3 of the Four Seasons Series.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Sweetly Slow Monday

It was a very dragging Monday - as Mondays usually are. It's the longest day at work (open til 6 where as usually I'm closed 4:30) and very few people venture out from their farms. On these days I get plenty of stitchin done. 

Like today! Found a yellow I needed amongst other projects and was able to get my MILs bday gift done and framed!

I also got more done on the hubby's piece.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

I've been out of sorts stitching this week. My office at work was broken into and I haven't much felt like doing anything - guess it was more of an invasion then I thought it would be.
Here's where things sit stitchy wise.

My MILs piece I ran out of the yellow floss I needed so until I can get another skein (as even our local supplier is out) I can't complete it.

I have almost completed the top portion of my husbands bday piece. The 2nd 1/2 is a shortened version of the top to portray a reflection in the lake.

I framed the Paper hat (which is in the living room) and Tribal Panda (now gracing my daughters 'panda wall')

My SIL's piece hasn't gotten past the beginnings of the colt sadly. Tomorrow is calling for -45c so I'll have plenty of indoor time to stitch that's for sure!

Friday, 31 January 2014

Capping off the Month

Checking back on my list and this is what has occurred this month progress wise:


THE WORLD Map       Almost done
- back stitched outlining still needs to be done

CUTE AS A BUG    Almost done
- We had a freak sunny few days and things began to massively melt (it was +13, a normal 'high' might have been -7C). The ceiling began to leak & it dribbled all over my pattern & stitching. So I'm now in the process of waiting for a new copy of the pattern to arrive before I can continue because it was damaged.

- No good reason why its not complete. I just find it drab and keep putting it down.

FAMILY TREE      Almost done
- 5 more hearts to solidify and then it'll be ready for framing. This also means that it will be finished off in time for it to go to my MIL for her birthday. I'm thinking about just surprising her and hanging it up in the cabin instead of taking it to the house.

I managed to complete 2 smaller designs (turtle heart & outhouse poem), and start Horse Welcome (for my SIL's bday) &  Autumn reflections (for dh's bday)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

 It was requested to do a stitching for this poem. However I couldn't find the image in any of my books that would accompany it so I crafted this little bum warmer using my PC Stitch program. Its apparent showcase placement will be in one of my parents outhouses to inspire whimsy.

Put in some back stitching and have just the lower left Earth corner to complete for The World.

Asian Flavour

 A mixture of literature and stitching. I got lured in by a novel last week and have been reading as many of the authors addtional novels as I could get my hands on so far.

The author is Kay Bratt. Each of her novels base themselves in China, where she transferred to accompany her husband . During this time afar she lovingly spent volunteer hours at the local orphanage  Reading her books I felt a pull on heart strings for this children. Anger at the society that put such a low respect for their own citizens and the men who allowed for this to all happen for multitudes of generations.
I felt a part of me wanting to 'rescue' the unloved little girls so coldly discarded......I couldn't stop reading.

Books included:

 'Chasing China' - where an adopted (chinese) American girl wanted to discover a connection with her heritage. To find out who she really is beyond the loving family who raised her, help mend her self esteem on the fear that she was just an unloved cast aside female, she travels back to China to visit the orphange she was adopted from. There her eyes are opened to much more then she thought possible.

I looked forward to reading the sequel "House of Hu" however have not been able to find it.

'Scavengers Daughters' and 'Tangled Vines' (parts 1 & 2)....the 3rd (Bitter Winds) is released in a few mths.

The tales of a Mao camp survivor who, along with his wife, try mending their broken hearts after their sole biological baby girl is stolen from them by taking in & raising many of the baby (+ toddler & U10) girls he finds discarded on his trips around town collecting trash. Continuing his mother in laws start of naming her daughter after a flower, each of the girls who are lovingly added to their poor yet large hearted family are bestowed a naming after flowers. Thus producing "Zhang's Flower Garden".

The 2nd book continues the story of the current eldest @ home daughter as she tries to repay the life her adoptive parents gave her by seeking out what happened to their stolen babe.


I pulled down 2 of my craft bins this afternoon and was able to sort through the balled up knot of colours  and get them properly put into their coordinating number bags (100 series w/ 100's, 3800 series w/ 3800's....etc).

While having everything strewn about the living room corner I was inhabiting, my husband looked over & began this conversation:

(Him) "So, outta curiosity, how much money do you figure that's all worth?"
*gesturing to the piles of floss I am blanketed in*

 (Me)  Umm.....*insert guilty look* why?

(H) "Well, how much is each thread?"

.......avoiding the question I answer with a bland statement of "Depends where I get them from".

(H) *now starting to sound annoyed* On average.

(M) between 45c - 79c

(h) So basically every 2 threads is a dollar. And you have how many bags full of colours?

(m) I don't know. I do know I've got plenty repeats of a few

(H) uh huh. (goes back to flipping through his phone)

(M) -----*mentally thinking - I won't volunteer how much cloth costs lol*

He clearly does not understand the importance of having plenty of colours to select from. (j/k)

What would be fantastic would be to eventually have a floss drawer like what they have at the fabric store to keep my skeins in. The bags are great for keeping the groups in, but it would be better to have a set up to see how many of each colour I have and which ones I do not. I don't like using the floss wind cards.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Weekend Works

This is the piece I chose to start over the weekend. Its a paper folded hat from the book Japan Point de Croix.

Here is the progress for my MIL's piece. I found I was falling behind when I was just doing 1 heart at a time. So instead I changed up the mundane and did their outlines and will work on the floral/fauna between. Clearly it didn't get completed for Christmas, but her birthday is at the end of Feb so perhaps I shall have it all done away with for then.

I had a customer come in and ask me how it was going on my piece. I asked her which piece as she has seen me working on a few. She meant my cousins cabin sampler for their wedding...which I became so frustrated with I have not even bothered to pick it up let alone finish. I told her this. She seemed to scowl when I mentioned how I was currently working on other WIPs projects. Shes not a crazed stitcher like I am, having multiple pieces on the go. Never sure if or when things will be completed. It makes me testy when clearly non crafty persons scoff at the in completion of my stitchings.

Better yet......


My 123 Stitch arrived!

In it was a large assortment of dmc floss (97) to go along with the patterns ordered;
3 blending thread colours

(3) Oatmeal (Fiddlers Cloth) 15x18 aida
Christmas Red 12x18 aida
Vintage Smokey white 18x21 aida
Pebble Gray 12x18 aida
Hunter Green 15x18 aida
White aida
A small grab bag of 14-18ct pieces of aida, mostly in natural tones. 2 of them are sparkled.

And the Patterns:

Stoney Creek's Majesty in Motion (horses) booklet
Christmas Snowman
Scandinavia Map
Moon & Spider Apple Cider

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Valentine's for Vets

 Every year I make and send off valentines cards for the program "Valentine's for Veterans". This year I decided to do a few stitched front designs. I printed off a 4'done in 1/2 hr' quick stitch patterns that were love related.  All measuring under 60x60 stitches. 

The program requests that all cards be mailed in for the Feb 1st deadline. I've included the address below in case anyone else was interested.

Valentines for Vets
Veterans Affairs Canada
P.O. Box 7700
Charlottetown, PE C1A 8M9

This is the 1st pattern I finished tonight. There are 6 cards all done the same style.
Turtle Heart - by Katherine Martin Tripp

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Week 1 - Monday & Tuesday Edition

Excitingly I have almost completed the 1st page (its 2 pages) of the Tribal Panda! I'm optimistic I can finish it off come next Monday.

World Map is 3/4 finished as well. This one will take a bit of time. Not that it's terribly difficult, but I'm fairly certain there is a stitch out of place some where in the middle which may require frogging once I locate it. *le sigh* There wasn't much time today to put in stitches but I did manage to get the Water titan in.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Trial

I'm going to try something different for the month of January. If I like it...or more honestly, if I think that it is working, I will continue to add months but for now I'll aim for Month One.

The idea will be do focus on one solo piece for a designated day. So I will pick out 5 projects to work on during the week having the 2 weekend days set aside for "whatever" day where I can pick up any of the weeks worth of projects to add a few stitches into. And one for "new starts". I realize that by allowing one day for new projects that I'm allowing myself to further add to the pile of WIPS, however, since I know I will do this anyways, I wanted to give myself at least one day designated so I don't go all crazy and decided to start a bunch of new pieces through out the week.

So. For MONTH ONE:  I have picked out the following pieces


Tuesday: THE WORLD

Wednesday: CUTE AS A BUG



Saturday/Sunday: Whatever/New Project Start

Today I've been adding a few stitches to all of these projects in between driving/collecting & waiting for my children as they busy about their social lives. 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year ~ 2014~

~~~~~      Happy New Year!!!      ~~~~~

 I went back over my UFO/WIP's listing page & was able to happily check off various pieces that I have completed. Granted a great many of them were from the '2013 Starts' list but still completions all the same There were those that got some added stitches to them but did not make the completion pile, and still others which did not get to be held, see the light of day, or have anything done to them at all.

I managed to finish off the little ornaments I was hoping to before years end - most have gone to their prospective gift-getter.

I Love Santa


Side 1
Side 2


 As with every year, I start off a new one with the gumption and desire of a newly gym membership bound individual. Putting a large push of energy into the first few months, then having it peter out as the months roll on. Why should this year be any different? *haha*

I have randomly selected a couple pieces from the depths of my ufo pile and begun working on them. I can happily report that both are nearing completion. 

The Northern Cardinal - I don't have any plans of this one once its complete as of yet.


and since it has taken me 13 years to complete a baby sampler for her, Cute as a Bug will be for my daughter. I will forgo the one I had originally started for her that many years ago as it has since been tarnished from having something spilled on it.

I have placed an order with 123 stitch for more thread, floss and a couple patterns from off my 'wish list'. 

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