Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sheep and Hippos and Salt, oh my

Fun In The Mail:

I have a few more patterns arrive. This is the last of my current orders.
  1. Tropical Yellow
  2. Mystic Aida
  3. Stellar Aida

          Patterns :
  1. Loving Free
  2. Tequila & Salt
  3. Imbolc
  4. Tribal Hippo

Cross Stitching Funage!

I was  finally emailed the PDF for Imbolc and took no time to start it. I've actually completed it, on Confetti. Its not a complicated piece, mostly back stitching. As the background is a light yellow, the wording "IMBOLC" doesn't show up very well so I've outlined it with green (703). I tried it in white first, but that didn't make much of a definitive difference. Clearly the green does. I have to wait to post a completed photo until she receives it.

Hippo-cala-fraga-listic….x stitch Al a ghost is. ;)
My eldest son’s favourite animal. The Hippo. I started this for him on the Mystic aida. Its almost a denim colour. Dark navy with lighter leaf like imprints faintly added. The whole stitching part though is done in a single colour of light gray (dmc 762).

I have found that these speciality dyed fabrics are a lot softer then Charles Craft aida. It means a hop is necessary, and that I have to be careful not to pull my stitches to tightly as it makes big holes :(

~ ~ Summer Solstice ~ ~

 Clearly there has been a void in my blogging. That is because my stitching has also been slightly way sided. Its been dreary outdoors with all the rain we've been getting. Thankfully its only caused a great deal of mud until recently and not the devastating floods that we've been getting in lower Alberta.

I've also be busy being chauffeur. Taking the kids from work, sports & appointments; as well as cramming in my own work schedule & volunteer work. Yes, people have been so ungrateful lately in many of the organizations I've become involved with, on top of creating so much unnecessary drama that it actually drags on and feels very much like work.   

My youngest sister finally had her baby and I was able to complete the welcome announcement I was making for her. She wanted to have as natural a birth as possible for her 1st baby. When I was down visiting her in May she was unsure of the middle name she would choose. Mentioning they had played around with Ostara, but being so far off from that Sabbat it didn't seem quite to fit. Lovingly they went with the middle name Hazel. <3

Its from Stoney Creek's booklet entitled "Woodland Babies". The original pattern has flowers along the side connecting the tree top creatures to those on the ground, but I found them to be tacky & adjusted my tree toppers lower.

December 2018 SAL Smalls

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