What a Busy Month! - April Smalls SAL

April has gone by so quickly! With Easter break, mom having her 60th birthday. Dance photo day & then following it up with a dance festival in the city last weekend....hola! Whirl wind.

The kids did all of us parents and the Studio proud with their performances at the Shy-Ann Festival. They walked away with a few medals. A few recognition's for choreo and a gave us in the audience a sneaky peek at what to expect come final performance in a few weeks. So much pride!!! Thankfully us adults did not have to brave the adjudicator's stage; however our instructor would really love to have us enter into one next year. She's confident that, after 3 year of dance under our mom belts, that we are ready to showcase in front of a broader audience. . I'm sure its partly so she can show her own personal skills as an instructor as well. That her techniques are vastly applied to both varying age & abilities.

That being said, I had more new starts begun than I did finishes. He…

Tra - La - La -La: March Smalls SAL

New Starts:

I found a pattern online put up by a member (ms_kat_d) of  a basic bison silhouette. I added 3 colour tones to it and transformed it into my Sneaky Library, book mark for the book I was reading entitled "The Pemmican Eaters".

I also started a piece for my SIL's mother. There is no doubt that this year, Hennie's birthday will be really hard on her (it being the 1st one that he's gone). So I'm working on a memorial style piece for her.

This Book Lover's shelf isn't as fanciful as it looked on her site with the stitched model. The colours are all really dark and drab looking. If anything I have an idea of someone to pass the finished piece along to but do not plan on keeping it for myself.

Cat Tower is completed & framed.

Axle Bean likes kitty cats.

This one was an evening stitch on the saucy side ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‰
And my Star Trek Wedding Sampler is complete. All that orange. Ugh! I've got the frame for it already just need to wash and i…

Effective March

Hubby turned 41 on Wednesday. I arranged for his friends to join us for supper to celebrate over the weekend while he was home from shift. It seemed like it was a success (even if a couple weren't able to attend last minute. We're all parents, well except for Russ, so it was understandable.) We went to his fav spot Chianti's on Whyte so he could enjoy him some Fettichini Supremo. Its a seafood curry dish.

This week has been ultra stressful. We had our final court hearing against one of the neighborhood individuals. It went in our favor, which is exactly how we knew it would given it was false.That same morning, it was announced that my SIL's mother had  been on her way home from work & discovered her son (SIL's brother) deceased in his truck. He'd pulled over on the highway to smoke up. He'd had the window down; the combo whatever & cold Alberta winter air stopped his heart. This has of course raised a lot of emotions in the family. My own as well…

February Smalls SAL

Here we go my lovelies. The end of the month check in for the Smalls SAL. I was able to do 2 new starts. The one for my husbands work buddy took just the weekend. Apparently he's such a Star wars fan he has a whole room dedicated to his collectables.

My 2nd one took a full week. Given it was crazy slow at the office.....I had plenty of time to plug away at it. The plan is to do a finishing into a clock. It will be for our dance instructor at the end of the year. Our adult classes will be performing in all 3 of the shows. *eep!* Jazz will strutting out to to a 70's jam. I still need to find a sparkly outfit that will have enough movement I can do the floor rolls. Ballet is prettier w/ our flowing dresses....Enya's song is more feminine than my currently arm movements naturally present so it's a bit more work for me to try to be pretty. Tap is coming along. I'm remembering the quick steps but the transfer over from brain to legs is taking more confidence.
We've …

Nearing the end of Feb

Fun in the mail:

These fabulous phrased mugs showed up in my FB newfeed one day & I knew I just had to have them for my office mug collection :) The plain white choice was too bland so I opted to get one in each colour selection. From Mug Bubble, I like that the design is smoothly adhered with orca coating and isn't just a shrink wrapped label (like some others I've had).

And Charmed Aroma candles arrived. One was for my daughter, the other myself. I chose this peach scented one. If you've never heard of them, they are made from a soy based wax, which is really silky feeling. Inside the wax (my candle burned a few hrs before it started showing it was accessible) there is a tin foil ball buried that contains a gem. This one will have a ring in it (my daughters is for a necklace). The ring will have a code on it where you can find its "appraisal" price. Or as another lady has already coined in her reveal video "a kinder surprise for adults&quo…

Middle of February

Week of the 5 - 11th.

This week felt really long.....but by the end of the weekend, it was as if it had all been a blur.
The girls performed in the next village over for their Valentine's family dance. We had some of the senior girls do their jazz & tap pieces along with 2 of them doing solos. The community is raising funds for their new spray park. Other dance groups were in attendance as well (like the square dancers & Ukrainian dancers).  It was cute to see some of the younger spectators getting into the groove while they watched the bigger girls perform. Mimicking their kicks and rolls. I think we may have a few new dancers enrolled come next season.

Accomplishments thus far:

I did some work on Hot Stuff. Its not completely finished but I'm okay with that as there isn't too much left of it before I start on the back stitching and the words.
I started, finished & popped a requested piece into a frame for one of my husband's work mates. Using the Storm Troo…

Fun in the mail

Fun In The Mail:

I love it when books come in the mail. We do not have an ample selection at our local library, being that it is a small country one. However, part of the (now increased) $25 annual fee goes towards transportation of books in from other equally small community libraries.

 Sadly even with the contribution of many outlets certain books remain harder to find for lending. Thus I turn to second hand stores & the bargain books on Amazon.

My recent purchases included 2 novels by Mo Hayder. "The Devil of Nanking" and "Pig Island". I have read her Jack Caffery series & found it to be intensely eerie. One does not often read novels of such darkness penned openly by a woman. Many have the skill to do so of course, but often will have a masculine nom de plume to put forth their works. Given the way that my mind absorbs images however, I can only read her novels in bursts because they bleed into my dreamscapes and give me fitful sleeps.

The softer author…