Sunday, 1 April 2018

Busy March (Smalls SAL)

Busy, busy, busy. Between birthdays, births & departures. The craziness of an office kerfuffle and St. Paddy's day karaoke fun, March was a month full of excitement.

Hubby turned 42. He had to work through it but says its okay because he's more a double digit kinda celebration guy (so his 44th). I did get to go out and celebrate what was suppose to be a double birthday supper with a friend of ours. From the 16 people who were suppose to attend....we wound up with 4.

We remembered the passing of my grandmother (she joined papa in peace 8 years ago); while mourning the sudden passing of my great-aunt just after her 88th birthday.

I made a baby sampler for one of my customers from one of the Etsy shops: Animals Cross Stitch
 with a small alter to the way the banner displayed the name. Also, added the little bow. Turned out a bit larger than I had anticipated though.

 They were holding a blood donation clinic at town not far from us; I plan on hitting my 20th donation here in 2018. My next one is set for June.

My daughter is performing in a grad dance number at the end of the year. They are doing a rendition of the Friends opening song. So I stitched up this piece for her. Not sure if she'll use it as a prop or if it will just go onto her wall as a memory piece.

We've been in our community 10 years and we haven't really made many friends (by 'we' I'm referring to the husband and I. We know lots of people but they're all basically acquaintances) so when a customer invited me along to the St.Paddy's day karaoke night at the pub I took her up on it. Even though I'm not much of a drinker, nor did I brave the mic, it was fun to get out. I had to cover a Saturday shift so I couldn't stay out too late either. On the same note of "Gotta love small towns" -
There was some additional excitement in ours where, a sassy pooch is being blamed for some vehicular accident adventures. Warren is Blaming poor Cookie, but it's not the first time he's run into the building w/ his truck & blamed her. She btw is a very hyper, young border collie. I've no doubt she distracted him and he hit the gas instead of the brake, but she certainly wasn't at fault.

It just made for more work drama was when another small community not far from me had to close down suddenly and all their residents temporarily rerouted. So being closed down the day while they put up a new steel support beam (county was concerned the roof might collapse) paired with a lot of miscommunication being announced on the radio station: made for some fitful people.  County did a great job of a quick mend though.

We got a good 8inch dump of snow last weekend and the daughter and I went an built a couple snow people in the yard. She chose to make a very well endowed  snow lady (with a hiney you can actually sit on) and I chose to go a "cleaner" route, giving my snow man a bar of soap and a towel. *haha*

Even with all this massive explode of craziness I was able to do up a couple other Smalls for this SAL:
The Bundled up Boy to accompany the girl I did last month: (He's also stitched on a bright vibrant blue, but its insanely washed out here)

and A SodaStitch(c) pin up girl. I plan on stitching the set.


  1. I loved watching Friends. That is such a cool finish and something your daughter will treasure. Your other finishes are very cute as well.

  2. Congrats on your finishes!

  3. It sounds like there was a lot going on in your life in March. You did well to fit in your stitching time. And such a pretty piece. I hope you do stitch the series - I look forward to seeing a pic of them all together.

  4. Sounds like you've had a fun March! The stitched pieces you've done are so adorable. I bet your friend liked the fox birth sampler. The bow is a nice touch.

  5. What a cute fox, ideal for a birth gift.
    Love the snowman fun too.

    I run a blog called Blogger of the Week and we have just celebrated our first Blogaversary!

    I am always looking for people to interview and wondered if you would like to answer a few questions about your stitching.

    If you would be interested, please let me know and I will send the questions to you.


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