Sunday, 22 October 2017

Halloween is coming.....

Jeepers! Only a squish more than a week til Halloween and we've not yet decided on what we want to dress up as. Even sorting through the tickle trunk of costumes hasn't inspired creativity.

Early this month my cousin got married, in what could only be called "unique" wedding ceremony. It was blustery and felt like it was mid winter outside. Which was exactly where the ceremony was held. Outdoors. I knew with all our clothes on how fiercely the wind chilled our bones as on lookers. I can only imagine how freezing the wedding party was with their little dresses and bare skin.

Being the geeky couple they are they made sure to add some quirkiness to their colour joining display. Instead of just using 2 colour sands to create a keepsake of their double family mixture ~ they opted to use coloured vials of vinegar and baking soda. Creating a chemical reaction.

 She has this fantastic barette in her hair of a Tardis, so my wedding sampler for the two of them was  a great match.

It took a good portion of September to get it finished before the wedding as I had miss read a page & had to frog out, and redo all the roses on the left side. Tedious.

October Stitching:
Working on some Holiday Gnomes. There are 5 in the set. I've got 3 completed, one 1/2 was finished and another one mistakenly started (I mixed up the hat colours reading the chart, but I've left it & will probably just play around with some colours to make it a little different than it was meant to be)
They will wind up being ornaments for some of my customers.
Each little fella took about 8 hrs to complete. I say that as the middle guy took me the entire drive down to Regina for the wedding to stitch up & the far left fella I did on the way home again.

My mom's cousin went back home (East) to visit his parents & when he came back to Alberta, brought a bunch of us back Cape Breton ECL hoodies. He waved my repaying him for it so I stitched him up a little "Thank you".
Its not the first time I've stitched this tartan CB map. It's on a rustic memories fabric as I put in a little red heart over Sydney to make it a little more personalized.

December 2018 SAL Smalls

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