Saturday, 2 September 2017

End of Summer: August Smalls SAL plus

Well we didn't do as many of the rides as we wanted to after all. I wasn't feeling very well (super lethargic w/o any good real reason as to why) and the weather wasn't cooperative. We did manage to get out to do the Elk Island National park loop though. Seen a few bison in the park, which was nice to see them just wandering around - the ones that are local to my area are all behind farm fencing. Helmut has a couple nice herds with his Tawaitnaw Valley Bison.

What this also means is I didn't get a whole lot of small (or big) stitching finished. I signed up for a few SAL's and even those I didn't start. I'm hoping this fall, as it is cooler out I will be a bit more lively. I did complete my little riding couple (pictured above). A bookmark for a postcrosser who requested me "draw a turtle" on the post card I mailed her. Instead I did up this little fella.

A purple (550) quilt styled cat while hubby did our driving to a family reunion.

I've gotten more of the Tardis wedding sampler done.....almost there, which is good as the wedding is fast approaching.

The Peacock needs more golden vines and back stitching.

I Altered an already stitched piece to work as Lionel's grandson's baby announcement.....and am quite pleased with how it turned out.

A small "Keep on Smiling" moon.

Weather Calendar layout: which once all the small pieces are done & its technic complete, will go to my cousin for her class room. I'd hoped to be done before the school year started but obviously didn't make it.

These are 2 more of the Weather Calendar weathers:

"June": I stitched this one up for my sister in laws camper. She walked into mine, seen that I had couple on the walls, made the jab of "cross stitch...of course I shouldn't be surprised". Which I took to mean nothing more than a jealous sob of how her camper was lacking threaded love. *ha ha*

So I suppose looking back over it all, I did manage to get a fair amount done. 


  1. Wow! You had a very successful August with lots of pretty stitching finishes.

  2. How can I pick a favorite??? The Babies? The Moon? The Tardis? No...has to be the peacock. What a satisfying lot you've got there! Nice work!


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