Saturday, 29 April 2017

What a Busy Month! - April Smalls SAL

Smalls SAL 2017

April has gone by so quickly! With Easter break, mom having her 60th birthday. Dance photo day & then following it up with a dance festival in the city last weekend....hola! Whirl wind.

The kids did all of us parents and the Studio proud with their performances at the Shy-Ann Festival. They walked away with a few medals. A few recognition's for choreo and a gave us in the audience a sneaky peek at what to expect come final performance in a few weeks. So much pride!!! Thankfully us adults did not have to brave the adjudicator's stage; however our instructor would really love to have us enter into one next year. She's confident that, after 3 year of dance under our mom belts, that we are ready to showcase in front of a broader audience. . I'm sure its partly so she can show her own personal skills as an instructor as well. That her techniques are vastly applied to both varying age & abilities.

That being said, I had more new starts begun than I did finishes. Here are the few smalls I managed to squiggle in for the April Smalls SAL

Number One: Soda Stitches Motorcycle Boy
I am stitching both the boy & girl, side by side & hoping the roads clear up a bit more so we can pull our own motorcycles out.

Number Two: This slightly inappropriate door hanging. A fast evening stitch up while hubby teased his mother about his siblings hitting the ReFresh button on babies. 😆 On has 2, the other has 6. (we have 4, but are done in the making of the tiny humans).

Number Three: Durene Jones' freebie (April 21st) Party Cat
Afternoon stitching. Stitched on a pair of baby bloomers
Number Four: Duck: Card Shop
Evening stitch while watching our Oilers Finally! earn a spot in the play offs....against, well, The Ducks lol. Whoop! 5 - 3 in game one. (3 -1 for game two).

New Starts that are not finished:

1. My husband has been asked to stand up in a coworkers wedding next year. Knowing how many babies & weddings are happening between now and that time, I've started their piece early. I'm doing the Adam & Eve by: Tatiana Betehtina. I plan to put a necklace made of daisies onto Eve so she's not so bare chested given they have small children in the house......and a prudish mother in law *haha*

2. Neighbour's down the alleyway are having a baby. I started the Baby Bunting pattern for them, found in the May '17 issue of CrossStitcher magazine. They had their baby girl yesterday afternoon so now I can get more of it finished. 

3. A friend's dog (Abby) passed away in February so I started working on the little memorial for her. She's a kennel owner so dogs are her life. I'm doing a geometric shaped white shepherd piece for her on black aida. She was just recovering over that loss when her dog Diggy (a weimarainer) passed away this week. Both were rescue dogs she'd gotten when they were young. They were 11 & 13. I'm not sure what I'll do for him....perhaps just a rainbow bridge. This doesn't really show, but these are actually 4 different shades of "white" ie 822, ecru, white....

4. Motorcycle Girl: Soda Stitch

5. A Tree of Life. I have a lady who has been gifting me with some of her cherished although no longer needing books. So as she does a house sweep she has been handing them down to me. She's batting the big C right now and I thought it would be kind to stitch her something. This Tree of Life seemed fitting.

Tree of Life
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Still Working on:

1. Cousin's Tardis wedding sampler
2. The memorial piece for my SIL's mother.
3. The bookshelf (which I am increasingly displeased with)

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Tra - La - La -La: March Smalls SAL

New Starts:

I found a pattern online put up by a member (ms_kat_d) of  a basic bison silhouette. I added 3 colour tones to it and transformed it into my Sneaky Library, book mark for the book I was reading entitled "The Pemmican Eaters".

The Pemmican Eaters by Marilyn Dumont

I also started a piece for my SIL's mother. There is no doubt that this year, Hennie's birthday will be really hard on her (it being the 1st one that he's gone). So I'm working on a memorial style piece for her.

This Book Lover's shelf isn't as fanciful as it looked on her site with the stitched model. The colours are all really dark and drab looking. If anything I have an idea of someone to pass the finished piece along to but do not plan on keeping it for myself.

Cat Tower is completed & framed.

Axle Bean likes kitty cats.

This one was an evening stitch on the saucy side 😅😉

And my Star Trek Wedding Sampler is complete. All that orange. Ugh! I've got the frame for it already just need to wash and iron.

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