Saturday, 11 March 2017

Effective March

Hubby turned 41 on Wednesday. I arranged for his friends to join us for supper to celebrate over the weekend while he was home from shift. It seemed like it was a success (even if a couple weren't able to attend last minute. We're all parents, well except for Russ, so it was understandable.) We went to his fav spot Chianti's on Whyte so he could enjoy him some Fettichini Supremo. Its a seafood curry dish.

Left side round: Russ, Hubs, Myself, Mal, Sheila, Kevin & Trevor

This week has been ultra stressful. We had our final court hearing against one of the neighborhood individuals. It went in our favor, which is exactly how we knew it would given it was false.That same morning, it was announced that my SIL's mother had  been on her way home from work & discovered her son (SIL's brother) deceased in his truck. He'd pulled over on the highway to smoke up. He'd had the window down; the combo whatever & cold Alberta winter air stopped his heart. This has of course raised a lot of emotions in the family. My own as well, which has only elavated the level of fritzing and fighting in-house. It's not necessary to divulge why here since negativity & finger pointing would be disrespectful to my husband (given it is his side of the family).
Manchild 2 had a dr's appt to deal with some health issues and extreme weight loss he's been experiencing the last little bit Tuesday. They did blood work & then called me to say the next morning we would need to be in the city for an ultrasound of his abdomen. *ugh*
End Result: They found nothing drastically wrong to cause the symptoms he has. They've given him antibiotics.

So.....I've been drowning myself in pieces. 4 pieces have gotten work put into them. The first is the wedding sampler (Star Trek). There's just a vast amount of orange left. I want to get it done. Not just because the nuptual date is quickly approaching, but because I came across a comment the bride had made on a ST page indicating that she "doesn't actually like holodeck episodes; as they were lazy storytelling". Not going to lie, it's taken some of the joy out of the surprise.

2nd was the Owl (Tree Necklace) piece with the phrasing that was requested. The pattern kit arrived on Tuesday in the mail. It took 2 days to stitch & I've already got it framed. It actually looks really cute. I almost don't want to part with it. I may have to look up colour matching floss so I can do up one for myself in the future.
Day One Work........Day Two Completion
It looks much cuter in person.

Piece 3 was the tall ship from Oct '15 edition of XSC magazine. Ship's Ahoy by Durene Jones.  I managed to finish this one off as well.  Hubs says it looks like it would be a good baby boy gift.

As of March 1st

March 7th Completion.
Piece 4 is Cat Tower. The outline is complete - now I just need to fill in the colours.

Fantastic Discovery: We were in the city today & I decided to hit up a small framing store that carries cross stitch items. They had a 75% sale on some of their inventory so I scored with some aida rolls and Margaret Sherry charts. Whoop! I even picked up some of the colours I needed for Hub's bear piece. I was sorting out the upstairs closet & came across the 2 missing pages I was needing to do more work on this one.
And at Value Village, which was the reason we braved the snow to even drive down to the city, I managed to find the outfit I was needing for Jazz class, a whole bunch of books....hahahaha like I really needed more. But there they were. Needing a new home ;) and then there was this sign. For $3 we had to get it. Daughter also found some cute outfit pieces.

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