Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Nearing the end of Feb

Fun in the mail:

These fabulous phrased mugs showed up in my FB newfeed one day & I knew I just had to have them for my office mug collection :) The plain white choice was too bland so I opted to get one in each colour selection. From Mug Bubble, I like that the design is smoothly adhered with orca coating and isn't just a shrink wrapped label (like some others I've had).

And then.....my Charmed Aroma candles arrived. One was for my daughter, the other myself. I chose this peach scented one. If you've never heard of them, they are made from a soy based wax, which is really silky feeling. Inside the wax (my candle burned a few hrs before it started showing it was accessible) there is a tin foil ball buried that contains a gem. This one will have a ring in it (my daughters is for a necklace). The ring will have a code on it where you can find its "appraisal" price. Or as another lady has already coined in her reveal video "a kinder surprise for adults".( * u * ) 
It smells really light and fresh in my kitchen.

Tasty Foods: Local Charm

Took hubby out to a local Asian cuisine restaurant in town. The owners live just down the old hwy from us here in the country. Vihn grew up working in his family's restaurant; a few years ago he & his wife opened up a food truck. Last year they secured a building and opened up their small cuisine eatery.  I had a small bowl of vermicelli w/ pork balls and the shrimp salad rolls.  So filling!!! *rolls over into a food coma*

This weeks stitching progress:
I focused mainly on Alice & the start of my cousins Dr. Who sampler.  By the end of the night  Friday I had my outline done up on the middle design of Alice. The rest of the weekend I did 3 corners and the cards. Today I got the rabbit & queen done & Cheshire cat started.

Just a smidge done on the tardis. It's going to take a while - there's A LOT of blue. 


  1. Your WIPS are really wonderful. You sure did make a lot of progress with Alice.


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