Friday, 3 February 2017

Fun in the mail

Fun In The Mail:

I love it when books come in the mail. We do not have an ample selection at our local library, being that it is a small country one. However, part of the (now increased) $25 annual fee goes towards transportation of books in from other equally small community libraries.
 Sadly even with the contribution of many outlets certain books remain harder to find for lending. Thus I turn to second hand stores & the bargain books on Amazon.

My recent purchases included 2 novels by Mo Hayder. "The Devil of Nanking" and "Pig Island". I have read her Jack Caffery series & found it to be intensely eerie. One does not often read novels of such darkness penned openly by a woman. Many have the skill to do so of course, but often will have a masculine nom de plume to put forth their works. Given the way that my mind absorbs images however, I can only read her novels in bursts because they bleed into my dreamscapes and give me fitful sleeps.

The softer author I also ordered books of: scripts novels of a heart twinging nature. I have already read 9 of her books. This fall I ordered a copy of her 2 newest works in digital form. I prefer to have hand held books though. 2 Months after I had purchased these downloaded versions & still had not read them - I bought the paper backs for myself as a belated holiday read. I had both novels read by the end of day 3.

Her series "The Scavenger's Daughters" had a prequel novel released after the 4 installments I had previously read. I had hoped it would have come into paper back & be a more reasonable price. That didn't happen, but I did find a really great deal on a previously loved edition of "The Palest Ink" and so I purchased that without delay. It will just be delayed in a read start as I have a few others out on loan from the library. Until then, it can sit amongst the other Kay Bratt books on my shelf.

Today's Stitching:

I didn't get very far on my stitching this afternoon. There was an unusually high number of customers in the office today, which was a wonderful thing. When the temperature drops, my farmers tend to stay indoors where it is warmer. Where their fire places are toasty and their wives can harass them for napping too early in the day time. *haha*

The  middle banner is stitched & a few cats are taking shape. No much like Dusty's shape though as he becomes contortionist kitty during his afternoon nap.

* Also, I have updated my profile photo as I am no longer blonde.....haven't been since the fire last May. I have chosen to use a snapchat filtered photo because this one makes me look absolutely adorable.*


  1. thank you so much for the honest book reviews. WOW. Very good. As always love your stitching

  2. Great reviews and stitching :). The kitty is cute too :)


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