Monday, 27 February 2017

February Smalls SAL

Stitching Lotus' 2017 SAL

Here we go my lovelies. The end of the month check in for the Smalls SAL. I was able to do 2 new starts. The one for my husbands work buddy took just the weekend. Apparently he's such a Star wars fan he has a whole room dedicated to his collectables.

My 2nd one took a full week. Given it was crazy slow at the office.....I had plenty of time to plug away at it. The plan is to do a finishing into a clock. It will be for our dance instructor at the end of the year. Our adult classes will be performing in all 3 of the shows. *eep!* Jazz will strutting out to to a 70's jam. I still need to find a sparkly outfit that will have enough movement I can do the floor rolls. Ballet is prettier w/ our flowing dresses....Enya's song is more feminine than my currently arm movements naturally present so it's a bit more work for me to try to be pretty. Tap is coming along. I'm remembering the quick steps but the transfer over from brain to legs is taking more confidence.
We've gotten to see some of the kids choreo & it will be really exciting to see their final refined run through :)

I also finished off my Hot Stuff Chili Mice. I'm opting out of adding the words. I'm going to put it up in our camper & there's not a great deal of free wall space.


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