Sunday, 8 January 2017

Unfinished Items from years past

YIKES! I've just gone through my yearly lists of new starts and counted up all the WIPs that were left straggling after the year was over. I'd love for this to be the year I can thin out that bin, as it is full to bursting. I'm sure if I avoided the temptation (hahaha like that will happen) of the fantastic new stitches I see about becoming new starts I could make a bigger dent. After all, I do have the Start/Finish quota at a higher finish level than I do Wips at the end of each year.....Looking back in:

2013: 38 starts - 29 finishes = 9 left overs     
  • Then 3 more of those were completed in 2014; 1 in 2015 & another in 2016. So that brought it down to 4.
  •  38 starts and only 4 left overs.
  2014: I had 33 new Starts. 16 of those became finishes = 17 left overs             (Plus 3 of '13)
  • Grand total 19 finishes that year.
2015: There were 58 New Starts. 46 of them became Finishes leaving me with just 12 left overs         
  • Plus I finished 9 left over from 2014; and 1 from 2013. Grand finishing total of 56! The same good record of completions flowed over into 2016 where I had: 55 New Starts. 44 became finishes; 11 were left over but I also had 5 finishes from the 2015 list; 2 from 2014 and 1 of 2013.
  • Finishes total for 2016 was 52.
These are the Saddened Projects wanting to be completed: Some are so old that I'm not sure which year I even started them. They were uncovered when I went rooting through some of the storage room :( I'm sure there are others, packed away in the basement boxes that will one day be found. But I'm in no hurry to uncover those again until this list has been reduced.

  1. Frosted Pumpkin: Summer SAL
  2. Tribal Hippo
  3. So Hot Chili Mice
  4. Serenity Wedding
  5. Poinsetta Ornament
  6. Old Time Locomotive
  7. House Rules
  8. Magestic Stag
  9. DS9
  10. Germany Map
  11. Happy Christmas Reindeer ornament
  12. Remember
  13. Grand Prix '58
  14. Lumpy & Roo
  15. Tranquility
  16. Owl Lullaby
  17. Ivy Squared
  18. Violin Christmas
  19. Polar Bear on skis ornament 
  20. Rustic Barn
  21. Hattie Hedgehog: Advent
  22. Super Natural Winchesters
  23. Christmas Stamp: Frosted Pumpkin
  24. Moonlight Madness
  25. Pretty Perfume
  26. Clown Fish Puzzle
  27. Little Ballerinas 
  28. SAL Gourmandaise w/ Lisebi 
  29. Polar Bear ornament 
  30. Family Tree (for Corrin)
  31. Party Paws Panda
  32. Strength
  33. Husband & Wife
  34. Skull
  35. Cadet
  36. Drinks: Frosted Pumpkin
  37. Mother (lily of the valley): 
  38. Earth Woman
  39. Kitten in a Pot
  40. Mill Hills Outdoors
  41. Avery's baby sampler
  42. Dragon fly Kit
  43. Elm Trees
  44. Cartoon Castle
  45. Sakura
  46. I love Pasta
  47. Country Companion    (Just needs to have the back stitching done)

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