Thursday, 5 January 2017

2017 - Happy New Year

This year has started our fairly well I think. Its already done the 1st week of 2017 - which is a little freaky that it's gone by so quickly already. Mom hosted our immediate family get together this past Wednesday. We wanted to do our present exchanges personally & separate from the large extended family hub bub. The intent was that at least 4 of her 5 children could be in attendance. My sister lives at the other end of the province & as the sole-bread earner in her house, could not get away. She'll be coming some time next week for a few days.
The one brother, whom I do not get along with & his girlfriend chose not to show up after all - which for me was a good thing; but for mom, was disappointing.

Regardless of that life drama - we did manage to have a good evening. The gift I had intended for my youngest brother fell through so I had to improvise and make his a stitching FAST. I was still putting the final chunks of white into the clouds as we drove down to mom's & popped it make shiftly into a shadow box frame when we arrived. Attached to the plush backing of the box, it did not fit after all, so all the trimming I did to have it centered made it too short to cover the full border of a plain mounting board (which I'd brought with me JIC). Still, it turned out okay. The pattern was one I purchased off Etsy from Lucky Star Stitches called Floating Island 2.

We used to watch a lot of Hayao Miyazaki when we were younger. I passed the love of his films along to my children as well. Though our personal favorites vary.  In this piece, I changed up the "OK" on the Zeppelin to just being extended windows (more like Laputa's Tiger Moss) as I didn't feel there would be corporate branding in a fanatical sky world. The kids hadn't seen the piece until I gifted it, knew immediately what I was referencing (Laputa's) Castle in the Sky. I do plan on stitching this one for myself eventually along with the 2nd one.

I've completed Ray's Bumble Bit gift. I noticed a counting error so had to frog out & adjust one line. I'm going to try my hand at forming it into a biscorn. I've not yet used this finishing technique.

Travel Stitching:
My "truck travel" new start is of a swirly fox being stitched on dark green aida.  It makes the orange of the fox stand out more. Plus I think foxes should be surrounded by grass This "Modern Patterned Fox" I also purchased from Etsy's Stage Appeal Crafts.

WIP's Work:
I have pulled out the piece "Drinks" as my purse work. I thought there was more work done on it. But it really does look like a new start as there's only a single line of blue and one of white on it.

Other Life Fun:
I entered a photo quote challenge contest. The company had a photo of a dog & a goat. Up for grabs was a calendar w/ this photo & a few fridge magnets. My phrase wasn't anything too witty but apparently it amused the owner enough that she named myself and another lady as winners. Later, once I'd forwarded my mailing address she'd inquired if I was planning on attending the May critter fair. I'd told her it's been penciled onto my calendar already - dad is hoping to get himself some more small hobbyist livestock this year, I thought I'd do my animal auction rounds as see if I could find him good deals. In addition to my calendar winnings - I have also won myself a few Easter Egger chicks!!! Sweet deal! Mom was hoping for some EE's to add to her flock. I'm at my max for birds I can have in my enclosure so I won't be able to keep them myself or I would. (Easter Eggers are a mixed breed of chicken that lay eggs with a green tint shell). I already have Harriet and Skippy who do this for me.

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