Thursday, 18 August 2016

Time for Baba's & Borscht - August Smalls

When I came across these little Russian dolls that Durene Jones was putting out as a gratuitous patterns at the same time that I happened to stumble across the Baba's & Borscht event - I knew I would need to stitch them.

One other blogger took these dolls and crafted them into adorable key chains. I am not sure how I plan to finish them off just yet, but as they were really quick stitches, I may just make a few of them for the Baba's that are local to my area.


I stitched the 3 of them together to make an egg hat. 
Side One

Side Two

Side Three

These little cuties can be my August Smalls SAL. (

The husband hates, with a palatial passion, borscht so I won't be making it here. I do have 2 full mounds of beet in the garden though so its a good thing that I like pickled beets so much. I just need to set aside the time to actually get them started and canned. Maybe mom'll do it for me ;) she's really good a making beets. Last  year I didn't boil them for quite long enough and they were still on the crunchy side. A big disappointment given how many quart bottles I had of them. I was able to salvage them somewhat by reboiling them when I heated them up....but its not the same as just eating them tart and fresh from a newly opened jar.


  1. Congrats on your very cute finishes Good luck with your beets!

  2. The dolls are adorable :). I've never been a big beet fan but I love the color

  3. All those beets an I only wound up with 8 (500ml) jars of spiced pickled.

  4. Cute dolls. I found a recipe for a raw beet salad with a orange dressing. So delicious.


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