Wednesday, 31 August 2016

There's always time for Cookies

The kids have gotten more interested in baking lately. Our eldest son & our youngest daughter have always done some level of baking. They took Foods classes in high school so would bring home a variety of recipes to challenge themselves with remaking at home.

Lately BoyChild #2 has decided he'd like to bake his own jumbo sized cookies. The go-to favorite recipe page finally fell out of the cookbook (not surprising given I've owned that particular book since before the kids were born) & he had posted it to the fridge so it wouldn't get lost. I opted to create a cookie stitching and incorporate the recipe because I've had this one pattern sitting around forever that I knew I would do one day, but hadn't ever come to a project that it would fit for.

It's a 1992 design leaflet by Sydney McIntosh's called "Grandma's cookie taster", a bib design that I bought for a whole 50 cents. The recipe is a simplified rite from Company's Coming book aptly titled "Cookies".

Started it after lunch & it took all afternoon/evening to get it finished up. Last Finish of August!  I plan to hang it up on the wall behind the stove so that they can see it whenever they want to bake some goodies. 

Photos on the fuzzy side as lighting was poor and I didn't want my reflection in it. 
Frames a pretty colour but it should have been darker to actually stand out against the green of my kitchen. 


  1. This is a wonderful post. I love this chart - it takes me back to earlier days - when the kids were young and my cross stitch projects looked like this


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