Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Starting the Holiday gifts

I've been attacked by the "Potty Patrol"! This is a fun floral fundraiser one of our local hamlets is putting on to raise funds. They'd like to have a playground in their area as they have a newly revived younger age bracket with little ones who would benefit from a park. 
The deal goes like this: it's $10 for you to put a potty on someone's lawn ;)
It's $10 if someone potties your lawn and you want it removed. OR,
It's $20 if you'd like to ensure you have potty protection (meaning none of your wise cracking friends can place a potty at your home/business).
Either way - the playground committee makes $20 off each potty placement. They had run out of the porcelain kind and Anita (Sunday Morning Chic) crafted a few styrofoam ones from coolers, like this one.

*crafty up close view*

From all those beets - I only managed to get 8 jars (500ml) of spiced pickled beets. 

A couple friends have sickened posted the count down to Christmas already on their FB pages. Yuck! It was bad enough that commercials for back to school sales started at the end of July. We weren't even into August yet, why rush summer more than it already is?

But the count down sick up a panic that I wouldn't have enough time to get more pieces done. I don't even know what to give this year. Or who will get something beyond my regulars. Melly gifted me another 70 cast off magazines she found round her house, once belonging to her ex MIL. (Yes 70' that wasn't a mistype) so I have a bunch more bookmarked patterns I'd like to do or think someone else would like to receive. 

I've finished a simple one from the 2015 Just Cross Stitch magazine. Haven't done a finish technique on it yet but it's stitched.

I've got a 2nd little one (same magazine) started and set aside in the truck as a travel stitch. Yesterday I pulled out Mr.Battrick's intended piece as well. It had a few 1/2 stitches done last winter, then I put it aside and didn't remember where that "aside" was...*whoops*. So now that I've relocated it I need to get it done so I can check it off my work list. (The left hand 1/2 stitches and the green was the left-off point. I've done the fiddle section today).

We've had a fair bit of rain lately so my pieces need to be on light cloth. I can't sit outside on my bench & it's fairly dark in my office. 

It makes for some amazing rainbows though!


  1. I love the Cooler Potty. How clever is that? What a great idea for a fundraiser. Your little letter to Santa is perfect. Thank you for sharing

  2. Ha what a clever idea! I like the flowers inside as well. Lovely progress :)


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