Sunday, 14 August 2016


In the incubator are 2 pheasant eggs I've lifted from my MIL's birds. From all the reading I've done, with the likelihood that only 1/2 of clutches will hatch, it is no surprise that only one remains viable. 

After candling them again - Eggbert stopped growing done time ago. Inside the shell is quite bright and the yolk just rotates around to sit on top regardless the angle I move the egg. Due date of hatch should have been tomorrow.

Egg Sheeran seems to be thriving. There is movement in the shell too even when it's just held still. (Estimated) Hatch date is Monday the 22nd. *fingers crossed*


  1. Good luck! It took me a while to realize that was a 2 lol I was trying to figure out what I was looking at

  2. This is amazing -- thank you so much for sharing


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