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There's always time for Cookies

The kids have gotten more interested in baking lately. Our eldest son & our youngest daughter have always done some level of baking. They took Foods classes in high school so would bring home a variety of recipes to challenge themselves with remaking at home.

Lately BoyChild #2 has decided he'd like to bake his own jumbo sized cookies. The go-to favorite recipe page finally fell out of the cookbook (not surprising given I've owned that particular book since before the kids were born) & he had posted it to the fridge so it wouldn't get lost. I opted to create a cookie stitching and incorporate the recipe because I've had this one pattern sitting around forever that I knew I would do one day, but hadn't ever come to a project that it would fit for.
It's a 1992 design leaflet by Sydney McIntosh's called "Grandma's cookie taster", a bib design that I bought for a whole 50 cents. The recipe is a simplified rite from Company's Coming boo…

Starting the Holiday gifts

I've been attacked by the "Potty Patrol"! This is a fun floral fundraiser one of our local hamlets is putting on to raise funds. They'd like to have a playground in their area as they have a newly revived younger age bracket with little ones who would benefit from a park.  The deal goes like this: it's $10 for you to put a potty on someone's lawn ;) It's $10 if someone potties your lawn and you want it removed. OR, It's $20 if you'd like to ensure you have potty protection (meaning none of your wise cracking friends can place a potty at your home/business). Either way - the playground committee makes $20 off each potty placement. They had run out of the porcelain kind and Anita (Sunday Morning Chic) crafted a few styrofoam ones from coolers, like this one.
*crafty up close view*
From all those beets - I only managed to get 8 jars (500ml) of spiced pickled beets. 
A couple friends have sickened posted the count down to Christmas already on their FB pages.…

Time for Baba's & Borscht - August Smalls

When I came across these little Russian dolls that Durene Jones was putting out as a gratuitous patterns at the same time that I happened to stumble across the Baba's & Borscht event - I knew I would need to stitch them.

One other blogger took these dolls and crafted them into adorable key chains. I am not sure how I plan to finish them off just yet, but as they were really quick stitches, I may just make a few of them for the Baba's that are local to my area.


I stitched the 3 of them together to make an egg hat.  Side One
Side Two
Side Three
These little cuties can be my August Smalls SAL. (

The husband hates, with a palatial passion, borscht so I won't be making it here. I do have 2 full mounds of beet in the garden though so its a good thing that I like pickled beets so much. I just need to set aside the time to actually get them started and canned. Maybe mom'll do it for me ;) she's really good a making beets. Last …


In the incubator are 2 pheasant eggs I've lifted from my MIL's birds. From all the reading I've done, with the likelihood that only 1/2 of clutches will hatch, it is no surprise that only one remains viable. 

After candling them again - Eggbert stopped growing done time ago. Inside the shell is quite bright and the yolk just rotates around to sit on top regardless the angle I move the egg. Due date of hatch should have been tomorrow.

Egg Sheeran seems to be thriving. There is movement in the shell too even when it's just held still. (Estimated) Hatch date is Monday the 22nd. *fingers crossed*