Sunday, 17 July 2016

Drama, drama, drama

Small towns are not as cozy as we dreamed they would be when we moved here almost 10 yrs ago.

We've been having issues with members of our community the last few years & we'd finally come to a calm....then the other night there was another unexpected issue brought forth so now its drama again. I can't go into it as the police are now involved & its before the courts. It would be so great if these troublesome people would just move away - but since that doesn't seem to be the case, I've been daydreaming on the site. What I do know is its really hurting my family and we don't feel comfortable in our own home anymore. I've got a few homes favorited back East - and looking at some property in our province in case we just decide to build something.

The heat is taking a tole on my birds. We lost Gabi, the little white bun-looking chicken to heat exhaustion. Skippy, one of my EE's, also felt the heat and developed some breathing issues. I had to give her a cold bath and then add electrolytes to their drinking water. She's sounding a lot better, but it has changed her voice. 

Chicken math for this month: 10 - 1 = 9 birds.
(Little suspicious that Raven might wind up being a rooster....she's got some really pretty curled tail feathers. Not really a "She" quality. :(
Mom got a rooster out of the 3 I gave her. It wasn't the one I thought it was going to be so Yay for being wrong. The one she named "Lady Thunder" (the brown one) - has now changed titles to just "Thunder". The other 2 are Snow Queen (grey) & Wonder Woman (black & white).

Ronnie finally picked up his project & was planning on taking it to his daughter this weekend.  I'm hoping she likes it, but will probably hear about it sometime this week. *fingers crossed* The matting didn't go well & I kept nitpicking so Hubby finally just took it away from me because I was making it worse then it would have been if I'd just left it at the start. She can always get the framing done professionally if she wants to. Aaahhh!

Now that I've finished that big project, I can get more of the little ones done. I started & finished a piece for my cousin's October wedding. I just went with a simple rose & am adding their names + date to it.  Pastel Rose; a (c)1990, Sam Hawkins. Published in the Nov. '90 CrossStitch & County Crafts magazine.

Working on the Chicken Trio for Linda and the Stag for my FIL.

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  1. I hope everything turns out okay! Your stitching is lovely. I'm sorry about your chicken.


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